When the behaviors of a Type A are out of control, we can take responsibility for situations and outcomes, for the feelings and experience or others, and for absolutely everything around us. We think everything is our responsibility, and thus, within our control to affect. We fear if we don’t take care of everything needing to get done, there will be horrible consequences.

The stress coming from being overtaken by our Type-A tendencies, eventually takes a toll on our mood, mental clarity, relationships, work satisfaction, and our health. The goal of this book is to help reduce these negative side effects of being a Type A before they cause major damage in your life, or if you have hit bottom, these tools can help you regroup and regain your life.

The pride we have in all we accomplish, and all of which we are capable, is the usual reason we give for wanting to remain a Type A. The deeper truth is removing our Type A badge of honor is terrifying. Being Type A gives us purpose, gives our life meaning, keeps us, and those we love safe, and keeps the world spinning on its axis.

We fear if we release our Type A tendencies and don’t take care of everything:

- Someone will get hurt, possibly us.
- We will become a destitute and homeless slacker.
- Things will fall through the cracks and results will be devastating.
- We will be unloved and attacked for our mistakes.
- We will lose our jobs, finances, friends, family, and everything we hold dear.
- The world as we know it will stop functioning.

What are your fears? What do you thing will happen if you stop doing it all?

Author's Bio: 

Melissa Heisler is a Stress Reduction Expert. After 10 years managing and directing theatrical productions followed by 17 years in corporate marketing, the stress of high pressure, deadline driven jobs led to her ill health mentally and physically. This led to her creation of a long-lasting means of approaching each situation with more ease, contentment, and power. Melissa is the author of From Type A to Type Me: How to Stop “Doing” Life and Start Living It.