Who programmed your subconscious mind

How did your beliefs and opinions become ingrained in you? Did some people affect the way you think? Who programmed your subconscious mind?

You probably know that thoughts are power. You also probably know that opinions and beliefs are formed because of your thoughts and the way you were programmed since you were born. If you want to change an opinion, a belief, or a thought, it is important to know how these thoughts and beliefs became yours, so you know the sources that affect your thoughts. Your beliefs and thoughts were formed from various categories.

Subconscious mind

Your subconscious mind got programmed from seven categories:

1. Parents
The first people who programmed your thoughts and beliefs are your parents. You first learn from you parents how to speak, facial expression, body movements, habits, religious beliefs, and manners. Since your first programming comes from your parents, this programming is considered to be the foundation of how you think and believe.

2. Family

After your parents, comes the family. Your opinions and beliefs get affected by your family such as siblings, grand parents, uncles, aunts, and cousins.
3. Environment

The environment affects how you think whether it is your neighbors, or people who you meet and associate with. Your thoughts and beliefs get formed and become ingrained in your subconscious mind.

4. School

In school, you get affected by various people like teachers and students and you learn habits both negative and positive.

5. Friends

Friends affect your behavior and beliefs. Many habits like smoking, escaping from school and other negative habits and behaviors, get programmed from your friends. Friends usually have a huge influence on each other, that is why many parents are cautious on who their children become friends with.

6. Media
There is a study that was done in New Zealand shows that around 60% of depression cases happen due to affects that the media has on young children. People spend many hours watching television daily, so they get affected by what they see and hear on television. Many young children if they see their favorite singer smokes, try to imitate him or her for example.

7. Yourself

After the previous programming that you got from the outside sources mentioned above, you add new thoughts, behaviors and beliefs from yourself based on your experiences in life.
The thoughts you have now and the previous programming are based on the previous seven categories. Your thoughts will take you to misery and failure or to success and optimism, you decide.

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