Looking at the situations in the world today, I notice that compassion is alive only in a natural disaster. When a disaster hits, the American people start to rally their talents and resources.

What I am not seeing is compassion for the average American, the American who has lost their job, business, home, and dignity to the changing economic climate. Rarely are these topics even covered on the nightly news. If we truly reported on the devastation these people find themselves in, we might be able to feel some compassion.

Today the unemployed and underemployed figures are 26.2 million people without full time work. Many of these people have involuntarily opted out of the tax system. They no longer have high income tax to pay or are paying property taxes. Home prices are declining and there are mass foreclosures which leave the counties wondering how they will recoup their losses.

The national debt is at $12,586,420,814,549.49 as of March 14, 2010. The national debt has increased an average of $3.99 billion per day since September 28, 2007. With so much debt and fewer people paying into the system, we are in a huge crisis. We have a national diaster!

If you can not find it in your heart to have compassion for the people who currently find themselves homeless or unemployed, maybe you can find some compassion for yourself. You will now be the people who fund the wars, schools, parks, and government. You will be the ones called upon for assistance, as you are the only ones with resources to help. I am sure the homeless and unemployed will have as much compassion for you, as you have had for them.

The bottom line is that we need to make some changes in America. We need to stop relying on the political system to make things happen. They are too busy arguing with each other. They are too busy trying to get their way. They are too busy debating. They are too busy wasting your money. They are too busy invading other countries. They are too busy spreading terrorism. They are too busy going around in circles.

It is time we united as one people. Whether you find yourself unemployed or gainfully employed, this affects all of us. We need to stand together and represent change that works for everyone. Solutions are needed today, not in the future.

When another family losses their earning capacity or home, it affects us all. Maybe boycotts are needed. Maybe we need to eliminate our current governmental system. Maybe we all need to stop voting. Maybe we all need to get into the streets and scream. Whatever we choose, it is time to do it together. Let’s have compassion for each other and stand united.

Jeanne Henderson is a Reality Upgrader at www.GotoSource.org. Contact Jeanne to dismantle blocks and limited beliefs in order to move into freedom and unlimited potential. To reach Jeanne, click www.gotosource.org/get-help/. To sign up for weekly updates, visit our website.

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Jeanne Henderson works with you to expose the blocks and limiting programs that keep you stuck. She will help you move to a more expanded awareness where connection to your authentic self can be realized. Through this dismantling of outdated perceptions and beliefs, you can move into freedom and unlimited potentials.

Jeanne has spent her life understanding the current systems and envisioning a new reality based on love, honor and respect for all humanity, which is now ready to be realized. Through her own trials and tribulations she came to understand the perceptions, conscious thoughts and programs that have kept society stuck for a very long time. She has studied with shamans and is a Reiki master, visionary, psychic, coach and author. Jeanne has experience in many fields, including corporate administration, insurance agent, and office manager.