Society impact on the life of every one of us, positively or negatively. The social beliefs and norms are good if followed for the purpose of growth and welfare. It affects negatively if those social norms are forced to follow on someone who wants to grow on their own.

Due to the power of society, even parents don’t let their children for doing the work which child want to do. There are some beliefs and a negative impact of a society that put one person in negative situation. Article discussing about what is wrong with this society and this world nowadays.

When society interfering in one's Life
No matter which nation you belong, a mindset of the society remain the same everywhere. Parents have to force their child as per the society demands to. Whether it's naming own child or to enroll to the school or even choosing career, the decisions are taken due to social thinking.

Even worse, parents also have to force their children to choose a life partner and to marry before the targeted age which determined by society.

Society's tendency of respect the one with more money
There was a time when A person with a High level of education was given Respect and honor. As time changed, and society standard changes money takes place of that education and the person with more money will given more respect.

It's a society who judge the person by his income, due to that most of people try to earn more money, no matter which way it comes.

The irony of the day, is A Rich get the more honor and respect than the educated one. No matter how true a person is or valid points he has, he end up being rejected as the richer than him already set the whole game.

It is society who set your success standard
Earlier your success was measured as per how much increase in your knowledge and your learning. Now Measure of the success being done based on how much money you make or how much more money adds you in your account than to last month.

Due to that everyone put efforts to acquire more money anyhow and they even don't care through which way it comes. Because all they want is that just to keep money coming anyway, no matter what work they have to do for that.

Making an education a Business, too
Education is the top business in recent time. A business there will never inflation because the requirements of that keep increasing day by day. Due to take education business, there are more & more institutions and colleges opened every month like mushrooms.

Though there is an increase in universities and college, the level of education not increase that way. Quality of the education going to worse even there is increasing in quantity of college institutions.
Concern for Quantity over Quality
Same as education. Another profitable business today is Health care services. Due to an increase in the technologies advancements and generic medicines, health services tend to reduce at the prices.

But it’s not in the case, that’s because of the few doctor’s Business strategies. Government spend their funds and resource for health services, but the presence of the intermediates in between the whole chain the help doesn’t reach to those who actually need it.

Society who force you to be in competition (Instead of growing together)
Competition prevails everywhere, no matter where you go. But actually it's society who create unnecessary competition and a standard for everyone to meet. There comes a society conflict, A society who forcing one to defeat others instead helping others to grow.

Because of that everyone wants to go ahead of others, everyone wants to be on the top, everyone wants to be on the Number one.

It’s not bad if you want to go ahead of others, But it’ll be worse when you put others down for that. This is what happens everywhere. Everyone tries to rise in competition and that’s by pulling others down, just to impress the society. To find a right leader become difficult. Society always ready to advice you,but for helping when you need a support the most.

Social responsibility and patriotism can be shown on social media only
There was a time when a family brings their children to national places or historical to celebrate the nation’s day or on independence day. You can see Patriotism on the social media post and in a Whatsapp status only.

On that one day everyone becomes a response to the nation and show their true patriotism, but all that for a one day only and that even on social media only. From the next day, there become the same as used to.

Judge by the Social media profiles
As technologies changes, so as the lifestyle of the people as well. People nowadays judged you based on your social profile. Really confused over what's wrong with the world and what's going on today.

A person feels proudly show their fame based on how much their post get the likes and comments and How much more followers added last week. It seems that People nowadays supposed to live for posting their next story on every social media. This is what going in a society this days.

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