I’m sitting in row 20 seat E. That’s the middle seat at the back of the plane. This morning, not knowing what seat my assistant had booked me for this trip I wrote in my intentions, rather spontaneously, “I am so thankful to the universe for providing me with first class seats on the way up and back to Seattle this week… or something better!”

This isn’t normally something I spend too much time manifesting as I practice being in a state of Ridiculous Bliss where ever I am, regardless of the circumstances. But I know what my clients would say, “Where is your manifesting now Mr. Smarty Pants?” The answer is easy and complex.

The easy answer is, something better is on its way and at this very moment I have no idea what it is. The complex answer is that this situation is apparently better for all. Now that I say it, I can see that I am writing about this experience, which is a contribution to the global understanding of The Law of Attraction and the power to manifest. It’s also giving me a a chance to be in a state of perfection as I’m squished into my seat, elbows tucked tightly into my sides computer screen tilted slightly down so that I can barely see it because the person in front of me has their seat all the way back.

The complex answer is that I cannot possibly understand the state of perfection that I’m in. The Drunk Monkey in my head has only my five senses to bring in information to which it correlates its past experiences and comes up with a hypothesis, a halucinatation about what this moment is and what it will be. The truth is much broader and more expansive then I could ever possibly imagine. The Drunk Monkey can only speculate that because its expectations have been broken and that the seat is less comfortable then other seating arrangements, that something must be wrong and NOW is not good.

If I allow The Drunk Monkey to run the show I don’t feel good. Instead I will meditate, focus on what I’m grateful for, appreciate the design of the plane, appreciate the backs of the heads that I can see, notice how interesting the two very engrossed in their own stuff people are to my left and right. I will find the joy in this moment via the most powerful state I know… Appreciation. When I stay committed to being in a good place no matter what circumstances, everything turns out better then The Drunk Monkey could have imagined.

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