Staffmax, a global staffing and recruitment firm with offices in six countries, offers top-quality staffing solutions in Winnipeg, the site of its head office. The company helps employers find suitable, qualified candidates to fill permanent and temporary jobs across a wide range of sectors. Their specializations include hospitality and retail; legal, insurance, and HR professionals; labour and skilled trades; finance and accounting; and many more.

Staffmax is respected and welcomed by employers and employees alike for its approach to staffing. Prior to pairing employees to roles, recruiters at Staffmax get to know each candidate personally. They gain an understanding of their experience and education, as well as their desires and pain points. Due to this approach, Staffmax is not only able to find employees who are a good professional fit for companies, but who are also a good cultural fit.

Their website includes a detailed blog that is beneficial to both employers and potential employees alike, as well as a “Find A Job” section with hundreds of jobs currently accepting applications. The agency is currently partnered with The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce, the Toronto Region Board of Trade, CPHR Manitoba, Access, HRPA, and ASA.

A spokesperson for Staffmax said: “Finding a new job can be stressful. Tailoring resumes to suit different jobs and applying to various companies, only to not hear anything back, is a draining experience. At Staffmax, we aim to ease that burden. Our recruiters are highly skilled and trained to match job seekers with not only the best job for their career and skills, but also the best job for them personally. We relieve some of the strain companies feel. It can be a stressful thing trying to choose the right employee for the right role, but thanks to our vetting process, we are well-equipped to carry this out.”

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Staffmax is an experienced staffing and recruitment firm that has helped people in Winnipeg and globally find new permanent and temporary jobs. The company recently continued its global expansion by establishing a presence in Sweden.

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