Question: Divine Mother said that if you are not being successful, if what you manifest has some fear in it, this fear will haunt it and eventually destroy it. Personally in my life, a lot of things seem to be falling apart. Maybe they are falling apart because they are making way for new things. But I wondered if they are falling apart because I created them with some fear in them.

Divine Mother: Fear contracts, so anything that is created with an energy of contraction will eventually contract itself into nothingness. To answer your question, we would have to go one by one into the things that are falling apart. But I want you to know something -- even fear can bring you into the Infinite Wholeness. Fear contracts you and will eventually bring you into nothingness. So you are brought into the Infinite. You are brought into the nothingness. And out of that nothingness, a new creation emerges. So even the fear can bring you into where you need to be to create.

So it isn't that I am saying that you were wrong. I don't want you to judge yourself for perhaps creating something that is now collapsing. I want you to know that this is a blessing. This is a good thing. If things are collapsing, this is a dissolution of what doesn't need to be in manifestation. In fact, it is highest good for it to dissolve and bring you again into the Wholeness so that you can move another wave into creation. So there is no problem. There is always new manifestation.

Fear will always contract unless it is dissolved. So where you notice fear, you can dissolve it and allow the expansion of your creation to continue. If the fear is not dissolved or stopped, if it is so overwhelming that you do not know to stop it, it will bring you back into the Wholeness. It will bring you into a place of no thing, no object. That creation will completely collapse, dissolve. Then you are free to activate from the Infinite another Divine idea. Often, the experience with the first creation has taught you many things. Perhaps one of them is to not be afraid, and the next creation will expand even further, and you will be alert to dissolve the fear the moment you notice it.

So there is no need for despair. This is the process. This is how you learn. This is how you expand. There is no judgment involved. You have taken a step and you have learned a lot. And now the next creation is ready to begin based on everything new you have learned. So begin.

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