The scientific definition describes the aura as an electro-magnetic field surrounding the human body, as well as every other object or organism contained within the Universe.
The aura of a Human, otherwise also known as the HEF - H(uman) E(nergy) F(ield), is a combination of various electro-magnetic energies, permeating the body and emitting or exiting from it in varying densities, forming a field of energy particles in the shape of an oval. This oval, or egg, extends between 2 and 3 feet from the body - to the sides, into the ground below the feet and above the head. While their existance was once doubted, they have now been scientifically proven (complete with the ability to take photographs with specifically designed cameras using highly advanced technology) to be a very real and vital part of the human body.

But what are these various energies and how do they relate to the physical body? Basically, each of these energies, seven of them, to be precise, forms a separate level or layer of the aura and they are usually referred to as auric bodies. Every one of these subtle bodies has a unique frequency and all of them are interrelated, affecting each other as well as the individuals health, thinking, emotions, feelings and behaviour. An imbalance within one of the auric bodies will thus affect all others, as well as the persons overall well-being.

Each level or body relates to a particular aspect of the individuals being as a whole. The physical auric body, for instance, relates to the physical sensations and comfort, as well as pleasure and health; while the etheric layer governs emotions with regard to the self, such as self love, self acceptance and self respect. The rational mind and the ability to understand a given situation in rational and linear clarity are the concern of the vital level.
Relationships and the loving interaction between the individual and their family and/ or circle of friends are signified by the astral (emotional) body. The lower mental layer shows the alignment to the divine will within the individual and the commitment to speak as well as follow the truth, while the higher mental layer contains spiritual ecstasy and divine love. Finally, the spiritual, or intuitive, body is connected to serenity and the divine mind; it signifies a connection to the divine mind and understanding of the greater pattern of the Universe.

The colour of an aura can give a clear indication of a persons well being, or lack of it. Ranging from white through various shades of red, orange, yellow, blue, green, purple, grey and brown to black, each colour or shade has a different meaning relating to various aspects and areas of the mind, spirit and body. Space does not allow to go deeper into every one of these colours and their meanings, but it can be safely said that the colour of an individuals aura can help a healer to pinpoint where there is a problem and act accordingly.

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Rachel Ann is a Reiki Master and writes for the psychic industry

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