Conscious Astral Travel
Firstly conscious astral travel or astral projection is an intentional out of body experience (OBE). Via an aspect of soul that is termed the “ astral body “. Which is soul, mental body and emotional body without the physical body. Which can separate from the physical body and has the capability of travelling consciously; outside the limitations of the physical body throughout the universe during REM sleep. By living the principals of energy conservation; an individual will create and maintain good quality health with a strong aura. Which is a very important requirement for safe travel within the fourth dimensional world.

Here it will be mentioned that the use of drugs to forcibly cause an astral body projection; is never a good idea. Even in the event that you are successful with a drug induced astral experience. This will only lead you to become even more progressively dependent on artificial aids. Which you do not need. Importantly the use of all forms of legal or illegal drugs will weaken the health constitution of the individual. Which will then consequently weaken the intensity or power of the aura. Long term drug use will certainly make fragile the ring pass not or the auric envelop; which means that the affected individual is a lot more prone and vulnerable to psychic intrusion from others.

Frequency determines pattern of experience
In simple language drugs will poison the physical body so extensively; that the astral body is pushed out and forced to leave. There are many safe and natural ways to push the astral body from the physical body; without any of the dangers from toxic side effects due to drugs. Which all center around utilizing your awareness during the REM zone of the sleep experience. It is important to understand the electrical basis of meditation. As energy or frequency will determine the pattern of experience. If you seek to manifest a different more wholesome enriched life for yourself; then you will need to change your frequency to achieve it! Which means altering your energy/resistance balance or spiritual status.

Spiritual development before psychic development
Additionally I would also like to caution anyone; who chooses to pursue a psychic development path; as a primary or priority focus before a spiritual path. Psychic development is a phenomena based activity; where it is very easy to become lost in the illusion. Which in other words is to say increase the power of ego rather than the soul. Important to realize that as you grow spiritually; and open your chakra’s within a natural spiritual evolution framework. Then you will gain every psychic ability in complete safety; as part of this process.

Most of average humanity seem to be pursuing the easy way pathway. However it is probably worth noting that there are no short cuts to spiritual growth. Anyone who pursues a short cut; will only ever find their spiritual evolution will become significantly delayed as a consequence. Even an exclusive focus on astral travel is not a wise approach to life. In the context of; if you have the motivation to ever escape the wheel of rebirth or reincarnation. Because our being needs to be dissolved out during the time of our incarnation; which naturally will mean disciplined insight meditation practice.

Insight Meditation
Out of the body experience or astral travel is the ability; to move consciously within the fourth dimensional plane of existence in full awareness. Which means to retain the memory of the astral travel experience; on return to the physical body with waking up after sleeping. Interestingly insight meditation is a process that will facilitate the gaining of conscious astral travel ability. Firstly the discipline of thought required to achieve successful insight meditation maturity; is excellent training for stability. Whilst moving within the astral world consciously. Also because insight meditation invokes energy; that will reduce the stick of the astral body to the physical body. In this way you can facilitate an easier disassociation or disconnection with the physical body. Raising your frequency while reducing resistance is the big secret to becoming conscious within the astral world or fourth dimensional plane.

Rapid Eye Movement
Characteristically astral travel or astral projection ability occurs during the REM or rapid eye movement sleep zone. Which is the zone between being in deep asleep and being fully awake. On waking up in the morning being in this zone characteristically has a duration of three to five seconds. This is our window of opportunity to create a conscious out of the body experience. Firmly establish and set the intention on going to bed ; that you will create a conscious out of the body experience when entering the REM zone on waking up. This is usually referred to as the indirect method to achieve a conscious astral travel experience.

For anyone with the motivation to do an astral travel or projection workshop; then perhaps you may consider Maria Filo. Importantly keep in mind that conscious astral travel will certainly enrich your life; by becoming a more conscious human being. However there is no substitute for practicing insight meditation to dissolve the resistance of ego; to facilitate the ultimate escape from the wheel of rebirth with enlightenment. In addition Insight meditation practice will strengthen the power of your aura with the auric envelop or ring pass not. That will make you far more immune and resistant to psychic intrusion from others. The discipline of insight meditation can be learned at an Ashram; which is excellent training for conscious astral travel. Perhaps it is interesting to consider or contemplate; that conscious astral travel becomes a spontaneous ability with enlightenment.

Difference between Dreaming and Astral travel
Key difference between a lucid dream and astral travel is how each state is reached. A lucid dream occurs after one is already asleep; when the conscious mind awakens during a dream. This means that the dreamer becomes aware that they are dreaming. On the other hand, astral traveling is an out of the body experience that can be accomplished; whilst in a state of wakefulness during REM sleep. A lucid dream with practice can be use as the launch pad for a conscious astral projection experience. Only difference between conscious astral travel and dying; is that you do not return to the physical body. Further information is available in the article Tibetan book of the dead.

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