A beautiful hill station which is located in the Western forest Ghats of the Indian state Maharashtra is known as Mahabaleshwar. The location is so beautiful that once you visit here then you can’t resist coming here again. When the British army ruled us at that time Mahabaleshwar was also known as the summer capital of Mumbai earlier known as Bombay. Today it is also the most famous tourist spot. Mahabaleshwar is counted among the most beautiful and popular hill stations of India.

What is the reason behind the popularity of Mahabaleshwar? The reason is that it has a lot to offer. You can go to see rivers, lakes, waterfalls, some historic temples, and forts. You can enjoy boating and experience some great artwork of history in the forts. If we talk about the weather, I will suggest that you can go for vacation in any month because the weather is almost the same whole year. But what is the specialty that makes Mahabaleshwar so special? The answer is the temples, Mahabaleshwar has the origin of the Krishna River that’s why temples are the main highlight of this town. So we will give you a look at some of the well-known temples of Mahabaleshwar.

Popular Temples of Mahabaleshwar

1. Krishna Bai Temple

It is one of the historical temples of Mahabaleshwar. This temple has been made to worship Lord Krishna. It is located at the top of the hills and you will get the best views of the Krishna River. If you want to go there you should have to trek through the hills. You can enjoy beautiful weather and some iconic scenery. Krishna Bai Temple has the most beautiful architecture but as time passes away it is decaying. If you are going to Mahabaleshwar then you should go to Krishna Bai Temple.
2. Panchganga Temple
This temple was made by a king named Raja Singha Deo. He was the king of Yadav. This temple has been located where we see the Sangam of 5 rivers named Krishna, Venna, Koyna, Savitri, and Gayatri that’s why we can see so many a lot of tourists gathering here. Local people gave their regular visiting here that’s why it has so much rush. Panchganga Temple is the most important religious site you can see in Mahabaleshwar. You have a great spiritual experience here.

3. Mahabaleshwar Temple
This temple is located 6 kilometres away from Mahabaleshwar town. It was made by the Chanda Rao dynasty to worship lord Shiva. The architecture of this temple is simply amazing, you can experience the vision of history. Mahabaleshwar Temple has 6 feet tall Shiva Lingam. There are items related to Hindu mythology like Trishul, Damru, scriptures which are unique and crafted so well. You can’t miss going there, it is the most celebrated place on Shiva Ratri.
4. Bhushan Mahamuni Temple

It is not a temple but is known as one of the religious places in Mahabaleshwar. You can sense spirituality here as it is the place where Krishna, Gayatri, Savitri, Koyna, and Venna rivers are meeting. You can surely visit here to find some peace of mind. It is a very silent place where you can meditate for a long.

5. Shankar Temple

As the name tells everything about this temple. Shankar Temple was made to worship lord, Shankar. Trigunatmaka is the most popular name which is commonly known by the local people. Trigunatmaka means the trio of Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwara. This is the most visited Hindu temple in Mahabaleshwar.


These are some of the beautiful Temples where you can have a spiritual experience of a lifetime. You cannot afford to miss these places once you visit Mahabaleshwar.

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