Law of Attraction is tied to what I call “visioning by design.” Visioning by design is applicable to your business or to your personal life. As an eye surgeon, vision has always been near and dear to my heart in the literal sense, and as someone who has always had an interest in personal growth and living with purpose and personal power, “life vision” is also top of mind. Belief is what will bring the experience of your vision to your life, not just “thinking about it.”

When I first heard of the Law of Attraction back in the 1990s I dismissed it as “spooky” as I was still tangled up in a limited, closed mindset. I finally found the courage to leave the crowd that was influencing me to stay stuck, and I have never looked back. One thing I have found true is that we can own more of our true personal power as we learn how to integrate our life, bringing our authentic Self to business and personal life.

One reason why there is so much illness, lack of business innovation and skyrocketing dysfunction in relationship (at the extreme is war – conflict in relationship – and we’ve seen a lot of this in our lifetime), is that we do not understand our inner relationship to “self.” As people, we don’t understand our brain or nervous system and its role in co-creation and Law of Attraction. We have trained our brain to live in a perception or paradigm of fear, victim mindset/consciousness, and competition.

We are creating a vision for our life and society that is distorted, and we live in a world that is quite nightmarish at times. Do you have a dream that you have not been able to see clearly in your mind’s eye? Are you so out of touch with your feelings that the only ones that are familiar to you are painful or unpleasant? Do you have the health and relationships that you desire? How about business life? Is networking something you enjoy, collaborating with others, or do you feel burdened by your connection to people, always comparing and judging yourself against some vague standards of how you, “should be”?

This is where using the new information on brain science can be so useful. It is your “logical” left-brain hemisphere that can keep you stuck on the “known world.” This world of familiarity is really only conditioned beliefs that worked for you at one time. If you keep your mind open, you can learn new ways of being that help you to feel good and live with more ease and prosperity.

It is important that you engage the left logical mind or else it will block your innovation and intuition for new ideas. By the way, this type of scenario is even now shown in science also. We are essentially visioning our current situation in our minds and assigning the meaning to our lives, and then we think it “just happens.” Our outer world is only a reflection of our inner “reality,” so if we want the external appearances to change holistically it has to begin inside out. Where we get hooked is trying to change our circumstances without awareness of how we co-created them.

This is like trying to change the doors and windows in an already built skyscraper. It’s easier to work with the blueprint before it is built (like the mind and heart) before it manifests. When we get inner clarity of mind and heart aligned, our “reality” can reflect this congruent place of love, joy, and peace – and have lots of fun and productivity doing it! This can, of course, even translate into your business life, in that ownership and passion come from the heart.

In fact, since the magnetic energy of the heart is measured to be 5,000 times greater than this energy of the brain, you had better understand the difference between thinking and believing if you want to create the vision for your life by design instead of by default. Our default pattern right now is one of fear. Thinking is only “logical,” and can be limited to the head without engagement of the heart. Listen up, leaders/entrepreneurs – if your heart isn’t in it, or your team’s heart is not engaged, good luck engaging, owning or aligning with the vision.

Belief involves feeling. It’s that simple. Belief engages the heart and mind, forming a collaborative union. When we can align within, we have a clearer sense of personal power and our “self” relationship becomes more enjoyable and effective. How does one do this? First, by realizing that there is more to us than meets the physical eye, and then learning how to also “retrain our brain” to stop hijacking our perception and keeping us stuck.

When you can reconnect to the “authentic you” and stop attaching to other’s opinions and judgments—or even your own, for that matter—you will be better able to vision and attract more alignment with what is purposeful and abundant for your life. Peace is a natural side effect of reclaiming your true personal power and walking into the vision that your soul has designed for your life.

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Valencia Ray, M.D. teaches business owners and corporate leaders how their amazing brain can actually hijack personal power -- not in the abstract, but in the context of integrating business and personal life. Dr. Ray, a board-certified eye surgeon and medical business owner for over 20 years before selling her practice, shares her own life changing process. By sharing her story, she helps others to expand their vision and learn that by living with purpose and confidence, it is possible to have a more integrated, healthier lifestyle – with less struggle, more inner peace and more abundance.

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