There are some people who believe that the whole world is against them, while there are others who have a slightly different outlook. When it comes to the latter, someone will have at least one area of their life where they feel powerless.

However, if another area of their life started to falter, they could end up coming to the conclusion that the whole world is against them. How they feel is then going to depend on what is taking place around them.

A Way of Life

When someone believes that the whole world is against them, they are going to be used to experiencing setback after setback. Instead of having the Midas touch, where everything they touch will turn to gold – just about everything they touch will go wrong.

The people who they spend time with might describe them as being ‘unlucky’ or ‘unfortunate’ in life. These people will be only too aware of how much pain they have gone through and how their life rarely goes how they want it to go.

One Area

If they have been able to move forward in their career, it doesn’t mean that they will be able to recognise this. Each day could be filled with one issue after another, causing them to feel as though they have no control.

Regardless of whether it relates to the people above them or below them, for instance, there may always be some kind of drama for them to deal with. It is then going to be hard for them to feel empowered and as though they are respected at work.

Stuck At the Bottom

But, if they haven’t been able to climb up the ladder, so to speak, they may be in a position where they find it hard to stick to a job. They may have had to leave a number of jobs in order to get away from at least one person who made their life a misery.

In each of these cases, a manger or a colleague may have had in for them. Not only would this have undermined them, it would have caused them to experience a lot of unnecessary stress.

Personal Relationships

And although they may have people in their life who are supportive, there may also be people who are not. Leaving a job, or even an area, to get away from people who appear to be hell bent on making their life a misery is not going to be enough.

These people may have the tendency to be verbally and even physically abusive, which could make them feel as though their life is under threat. If they were to look back on their life they may see that they have let go of people like this, only to end up meeting the same kinds of people.

The Answer

There may also have been moments when they met someone who acted one way in the beginning and changed as time went by. At first they may have created the impression that they would save them, but as time passed, they ended up victimising them.

It might seem as though the only way their life will change is if the people around them change. They will be powerless to do anything about their life, whereas other people will have all the power.

The Common Denominator

Interestingly, although they may believe that they have no power, they will be the person who keeps showing up. Therefore, to say that they are a victim would be tantamount to saying that someone who is successful is simply lucky.

In both of these cases, someone will be doing things that cause them to experience a certain outcome. The difference is that while the person who is successful is likely to be aware of the part that they are playing, the person who isn’t is likely to be completely oblivious to the part that they are playing.

Two Levels

If they were able to detach from their mind and to get in touch with what is taking place in their body, they may start to get an idea of why their life is the way that it is. Deep down, they may feel powerless, and this could be what feels safe.

Experiencing life in this way is going to cause them to suffer, but at a deeper level it will benefit them. What this may show is that there was a time in their life when they were abused in some way, with this being a time when it wasn’t safe enough for them to assert themselves and to fight back.

The Law of Resonance

If they had stood their ground during this time, it probably would have caused them to be harmed even more. They would have been a helpless victim at this time in their life and this is why playing the role of a helpless victim is what will feel safe now.

The feelings, thoughts, beliefs and trauma that are within them will define how they experience life. The energy that they give off will define what they can and can’t attract, which is why it will be vital for them to clean their inner world up.


Whether they live the life of a victim or an empowered being is up to them – it all depends on if they are ready to change their life. If they are ready, the assistance of a therapist or a healer may be necessary.

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