Seers of Spiritual science again and again exhort us to know our true self, to realize it and thus get spiritually uplifted. They command: ‘Atmanam vidhi’ and ‘Atmavarey jnatavya’. This means that man has very little knowledge about the unknown arena of his/her body and he/she does not know that he/she can march ahead on the path of soul advancement. Whenever this wisdom dawns one understands the subtle layers and thus one lives liberated while yet alive. We have the example of Sidhartha who via self reflection/introspection attained wisdom so as to be called Lord Buddha. Yet we do not understand what exactly exists in us which we are not aware of. When we are asked who we are we talk about our name, lineage, clan etc. The physical body is separate from its soul and that the soul is the controller is not known by majority of people. There are so many who study scriptures, give discourses etc yet do they attain Divine Wisdom or Self Realization?

In reality man is born ignorant. He undergoes education and merely learns how to live a routine based life feed his family and sometimes works for social service. This social knowledge is gathered from ones environment. There are a few people who because of good deeds done in past lives do not limit themselves thus and instead uplift themselves to attain divine consciousness. After gaining apt guidance such people ward off spiritual ignorance by attaining God/Self realization. They come out from the species called animal man, overcome the bondage of ignorance and attain bliss of divine cosmic consciousness or God. These are called Jivan Muktas or liberated in life.

Many people are unaware about their true divine identity. Since they look upon knowledge given by their sense organs as the be all and end all of life they are no different from beasts. There is this famous episode of 4 blind men who tried to describe an elephant after touching its body. Obviously their findings differed from each other. Every person has gigantic lungs. Since man cannot breathe very deeply only a minor area of the lungs is utilized. Yet if the breathing process is abnormal there are people who are attacked by TB, asthma etc. Only 13% of the brain is utilized by ordinary people and a little more by rare people of talent. But this does not mean that the rest of the brain potential does not exist at all.

Over here we are discussing the irony of man forgetting his true self as a result of which he is ignorant about subtle layers of soul wealth existing in his body. When these layers are awakened man becomes extraordinary. This ignorance persists because those who give importance to the gross only never make effort to unfold subtle powers. They say that whatever they perceive via the 5 senses only is true. What is not visible cannot exist. As long as soul consciousness lies inactive and does not get transformed into high stature activity, poisonous elements will raise their hoods in the dark areas of the ignorant soul and ones inner personality will experience a gigantic downfall.

Anatomy students are shown organs of the body via dissection. But how can they ‘see’ consciousnesses residing in the body? Since in the subtle body lie the 5 sheaths, 6 Chakras and the spiritual wealth of subtle nerves that cannot be perceived by the gross eyes, how will they even believe that these do exist? Just as there are limitations as far as anatomy is concerned so too physiology has its limits. They believe only what they perceive via the senses example blood circulating in the body etc. Even apparatus that measures electrical flow, human magnetism etc have their own limitations. Beyond this in the subtle realm these machines give only incomplete information.

Spiritual seers do not believe that their existence is limited to the gross visible body. They accept the existence of the subtle world and identify divine consciousness that pervades the individual and the cosmos as supreme existence. They conduct research in the laboratory of their soul existence and via Yoga practices of meditation/concentration research into the subtle layers of the body so as to unfold the mystery of give and take between the individual and cosmos. Great scriptures and spiritual seers unfold the mystery of the subtle world which as true as what we seen with our gross eyes.

Since the gross body is involved in daily routine activities it tires very fast but the subtle body is feather weight. It can travel even faster than the speed of light and travels in the subtle world of sound vibrations. It can fulfill such goals which are impossible for the gross body to execute. It is hence that subtly embodied souls can travel speedily in various worlds that are beyond gross limitations and such activities can be carried out by them whose reason/cause cannot be found in the gross arena. Generally such acts are called ‘chance’, ‘accidental’ or ‘divine grace’. The methodology of subtlizing the psyche is mind boggling and with its aid Rishis, great souls etc are known to perform many seemingly impossible feats. There is no limitation of age for these Jivan Muktas who dwell in their gross body and yet as an exception there are some saints who on giving up the gross body, function via their potent subtle bodies. All this is done for world welfare.

Over here we are discussing my subtlizing the psyche based spiritual practice. Whatever I have done with the gross visible body can be aptly measured in future only. In the preliminary part of this book I have discussed what will happen after subtlizing the psyche and what needs to be done. This is an imperishable law that only via the medium of spirituality all those goals will be fulfilled which will ward off tainted situations during the Era Junction period. I have performed high stature Gayatri spiritual practice for 24 years and also daily worshipped God and meditated regularly. Now only the ending of it remains. This is the greatest effort which will transform present circumstances from their very roots. In future one shall see miraculous results of the soul manifesting in a subtle form.

A question may be raised that if in the gross visible form such impossible feats have been executed then what was the need to undergo subtlizing the psyche spiritual practice. The answer is only one and that is that on noting that gigantic situations have become very dire, via many divine souls present in divine consciousness in a subtly embodied manner these problems will be solved. The arrangement in the invisible world is similar to that in the gross world where ceaselessly roam invisible ancestors in their subtle form. Via their activities they influence the gigantic cosmos even if they are not visible to the gross eyes. After subtlizing the psyche a spiritual aspirant becomes a member of this class and despite being in the gross body on earth a bond is established with them.

The awakening of the subtle body helps establish a bond of give and take between the gross and subtle world. As a result those mysteries of soul existence are unfolded which world laymen are unaware of.

In order to awaken the subtle body a spiritual aspirant has to undergo many types of meditation-concentration techniques that are Yoga based. What is the stature of the 6 Chakras, 5 Sheaths, 3 subtle glands and subtle nerves called Ida-Pingala and Sushumna? Further when this unknown wealth gets awakened how does a devotee become the master of infinite Divine Powers? All this I have been teaching in great detail based on Super Power Kundalini and its activation. Today there is widespread discussion everywhere of Extrasensory Powers called ESP and yet that is but a minor glimpse of awakening of Super Power Kundalini. There exist other higher classes wherein more importance is given to soul powers rather than ESP. On controlling the mind consciousness there are many people who perform rare feats which are impossible for merely the gross body to carry out. All these miracles are based on subtlizing the psyche.

The causal body is that subtle aspect of consciousness where divine souls are active. At the pinnacle of subtlizing the psyche technique when a close bond is established between man’s individual consciousness and divine cosmic consciousness it is said that the causal body has been awakened. A great saint who attains this high stature harbors no individual desires in his/her psyche. The causal body made from the psyche’s subtle layers from the standpoint of spiritual physiology is the technique wherein earth’s consciousness establishes a bond with cosmic consciousness. When it awakens the Divine Energies present within too awaken and thus perform various amazing tasks. The 5 deities are present as the 5 Sheaths in the human body. In reality they are 5 levels of human consciousness and when the last state is attained it unites/merges with divine consciousness. If the 5 aspects of consciousness called Food Sheath, Mental Sheath, Vital Force Sheath, Intellectual Sheath and Bliss Sheath are brought under ones control that person becomes divine in nature. Material scientists are aware of only 3 aspects. In the form of time and space Einstein had thought of the 4th aspect of consciousness wherein the existence of anti matter and anti particles had been accepted. Over and above this 4th aspect is the highest 5th aspect wherein exists a conscious existence or from the material standpoint wherein some particles can be identified and trapped. Modern day scientists have no clue about this. Spiritual seers show that this final aspect is that 5th aspect which tells us about the existence of divine consciousness wherein the individual consciousness that has been rendered subtle can be experienced.

In the human body the divine creator has very skillfully designed the subtle mould of the subtle world. One has been given the freedom to awaken this latent subtle body which can be used for multifaceted tasks. Great realized saints (Siddhas) do exactly this and perform spiritual practices to awaken the subtle body with the gross and causal with the subtle. Thus it can be proved that what spiritual seers of yore have said is cent percent true. In comparison to what a disease free, strong, zestful physical body can do the subtle body can do n fold more from the thought and sentimental point of view.

The spiritual practice of subtlizing the psyche is in reality the Yoga practice of soul awakening. Over here where on the one hand a person becomes the master of Divine Powers there on the other hand it is possible to help benefit many others, the atmosphere and the entire world by establishing a bond of give and take with the subtle world. My spiritual practice too is meant for such high stature goals.

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