We all know how important it is to regularly exercise and move our bodies, but here are some of the many benefits for those of you who need a refresh. Exercise helps weight management and loss not only through the calories burned during the workout itself, but also by developing more muscle mass. More muscle means two major things—a much more toned and leaner physique and a higher number of calories burned at rest due to the higher caloric demand of muscle tissue.

Exercise also helps with warding off long term diseases like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, arthritis and so much more health conditions and diseases. And the benefits don’t just stop there as regular workouts can also help boost energy and mood levels, brain performance, and long term memory, while also improving the quality of sleep that you get every night.

The bottom line is that exercise comes with an endless list of benefits, both short term and long term. If you’ve already crafted yourself an exercise routine, then you’re pretty much ahead of the game, but why don’t you level up your workouts with these workout items?

Get Stronger with Dumbbells

When you hear workout equipment, one of the first things that might have come to mind was a set of dumbbells—and for good reason too. Dumbbells are a very common thing to have with working out because of how versatile they are. As free weights, they put some stress and tension in your muscles, while also allowing you to explore and experiment with a wide variety of different motions and exercises to really work and isolate different muscle groups.

However, while dumbbells are held in your hands, they aren’t just limited to arm exercises as they can also be integrated into several compound exercises that utilize different muscle groups to really work your whole body. Dumbbells do work the muscles in your arms, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t spice things up to keep things interesting.

There’s a misconception that you need to get heavier weights in order to have an effective workout with dumbbells, and this is something that has forced a lot of people to steer clear from the weights. You absolutely do not need to get a heavy set of weight if you don’t want to because a light set can be just as effective depending on how you use them. With exercising, it’s always about the quality of the motion rather than the quantity—that includes number of reps, time and even the weight of your dumbbells.

There’s also another wrong assumption that lifting any sort of weight will make you look like a bodybuilder, but that’s not really how the human body works. Using weights during your workout won’t lead you to be bulky in any way because it takes a really long time for your body to build that much muscle—that goes out to the ladies out there who’ve been too afraid of lifting any sort of weight. Rather, the weights will help further lean the muscles out, while building strength at the same time.

Feel the Burn with a Resistance Band

A resistance band looks nothing more than an unassuming strap of rubber, but don’t let the simplicity of the design fool you. Resistance bands can actually help you feel the burn, especially during those exercises that you don’t even feel. These bands usually come in different weights that allow you to choose the intensity that you want to work with.

The great thing about these bands is that you can use them for almost anything. You can use them to work your arms, legs, glutes and almost anything else. Another great thing is that they’re small and lightweight enough that they’re incredibly easy to bring with you absolutely anywhere to help you get a good workout no matter where you are.

Resistance bands also lets users really target their workouts to cater more to their needs. The seemingly boring design of the band actually means that you can wrap it around any part of your body that you feel needs to be strengthened even more. Just like with dumbbells, the tension of a band provides muscles with enough resistance to actually make a difference.

Sculpt Your Legs with Ankle Weights

A great way to view ankle weights is as dumbbells for your legs and feet. Similar to dumbbells, ankle weights are a workout favorite among many individuals for the wide range of motion that they allow. They’re definitely just as all-around as dumbbells with the bonus of adding an extra challenge to your normal leg workouts.

Because they can be used in almost any leg and glute workout that you can do, ankle weights can be one of the most important tools in creating lean and toned legs and a sculpted and lifted butt. The additional weight that it creates on your legs will drive your muscles to work even harder to sustain a movement, creating much more lean muscle tissue around the area. Whether you're doing jumping squats, donkey kicks or regular leg lifts, ankle weights will make each move burn even more.

It doesn’t really matter if you regularly visit the gym or if you just workout at home. The benefits of exercise can be reaped by anyone, regardless of how or where they workout. And the beauty about exercising is that any amount will lead to benefits, which means that anyone can start anytime and still see great results.

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