Secure America Now sponsors an ad that recreates the “Daisy Girl.” It suggests Obama’s refusal to stand up to the Islamist Iran is risking disaster for America. Muslim jihadists in America are probable.

Described as “a nonpartisan organization dedicated to bringing critical security issues to the forefront of the American debate,” Secure America Now says, “Iran is not only the world’s largest state sponsor of terror, they openly brag about providing Hamas with missile technology,” Roth further told Bretibart. “Between rockets launched behind human shields in Gaza to Hamas guerrillas tunneling into Israel, America can no longer ignore how a nuclear Iran would further destabilize the world.”

The ad shows the Daisy Girl turning in response to a nuclear blast behind her. It reminded me of a description by a woman who was an excellent Bible student who said she had a dream while living in an unpopulated area of Tennessee in their retirement. She was startled and turned to see mushroom clouds in the distance which she said was in the directions of Nashville, Knoxville--and Chattanooga where I lived at the time.

It's been 25 years since she shared that and she has probably passed, but there's no doubt in my mind that America will pay a horrible price for the foolish game it is playing with Hamas v Israel and failing to support the only country in the region where Christians are welcome and can travel without fear.

Why can't we get past the paralysis of the analysis regarding an admitted Muslim whose birth certificate is a fraud, as stated by experts, and who promised change that we could believe it. Do we really believe America should go down like this—so much is beyond the Constitution by leaders and politicians who are untrue to their oath of office.

We are like the frog in water that is slowly heating, never knowing when to jump, but when we feel the heat, we will be too weak to move.

When Ferguson MO is Yourtown, USA, and the military visit each home in a gun grab, it will be over.

The Bible refers to an “overflowing scourge” when a time of judgment comes and “a refuge of lies” is swept away, Isaiah 28:17,18. No Agnes, the Bible is not a book of myths. It's ahead of the evening news, and we will be in agony if we don't understand the truths for our time.

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Things could get better if everyone would call or write their senators as explained here--

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Dr. Richard Ruhling is a retired physician with a special interest in Bible prophecy as it fits what we see happening to America.