Do you have an important vision for your life? Do you want to, right now, attain greater fulfillment? The more you are able to bring into focus those elements that bring you happiness and contentment, the more love, joy and prosperity you can attract into your life. This is Kuan Yin’s profound message in “Beneficial Law of Attraction: the Manifestation Teachings”.

Saying that she wants us to have “the most divine life imaginable,” this Eastern goddess, as channeled by Lena Lees, emphasizes the importance of a specific kind of focus—her form of "focused intent": the profound role of intention and attention in the attraction of reality. You may have already discovered that various thoughts and feelings can strongly influence your overall outlook on life. Having their particular quality and amplitude, your beliefs and intentions will generate their unique vibrations: rippling out and reechoing back, penetrating everything in your physical and non-physical worlds.

When these beliefs and intentions are also repeatedly written, verbalized or sung, they can coalesce into a potent energy capable of drawing your most cherished vision to you. If desires are not stated clearly and in the "Present Positive", however, this same force can also cause a desired object or event to be pushed forever out of reach. Therefore, if you oppose energy technology that is polluting and unsustainable, affirm that you are living in a world of clean, safe, affordable and renewable energy resources. If you wish for an end to war, affirm that you live in a world where acceptance of differences and peace are the norm. Those wishing to heal world poverty should affirm that the earth is properly
cared for and is amply providing for everyone.

"Beneficial Law of Attraction" discusses certain other secrets to successful manifestation. The first is that you must believe your own expansive and positive thoughts and words. The second is that you faithfully continue your affirming regimen. The third is to believe you are worthy of receiving your dream come true--that ultimately, there are probably only two primary inwardly and outwardly-projected mindsets: "worthiness" and "unworthiness". Kuan Yin’s law of attraction teachings state that we all have the extraordinary opportunity to realize our infinite potential and that a momentary intention creates a specific “point of intention” attraction force.

The intensity of this force can determine an outcome. An example might be prayer or stating a beneficent wish for someone. One’s positive and expansive emotional involvement will significantly help towards determining a successful outcome.

In a world where we are continually barraged by huge quantities of disjointed information, we are left to determine for ourselves what is personally relevant. Giving form and direction to our lives, “Beneficial Law of Attraction” can bring to the fore pre-existing extraordinary potentials that we may have largely ignored.

With these amazing minds of ours, we are meant to imagine the most expansive possibilities. Some lesser reality could be viewed as an accumulation of incomplete or inaccurate thought forms. The more that we are able to implement an appreciative, indeed marveling approach to life; the happier we likely will be. Such profound inner peace is success in life. The more one is in harmony with themselves: the more harmony one can create in the universe.

Paramount to the marveling process is the development of a specific kind of focus: perceiving a given object or event in a deep and personal way. Genuine marveling ultimately requires that one fully be with the perceived object or event. You at once “think yourself there”, move in change and appreciate that which you are also observing. Such a vibrant focus is suddenly a powerful magnetizing force that can nurture and sustain you. This is the profound power of marveling and being grateful for your life. Therefore, embellish your life with broad and colorful brushstrokes. Marvel at the kindness of strangers! Marvel at the wondrous creations of mankind! Marvel at the sunrise and sunset! And marvel at your own ability to marvel:

“Kuan Yin is here observing a lotus. However, she’s more than observing it; she’s being with it, meditating upon it, appreciating it. She’s focused very intently on the lotus as if she is conversing with it.”
-Lena Lees

The challenge, then, is to effectively employ the aforementioned focused intent: placing one’s intention and attention upon only that which one wants to manifest. Regard time and space as a sacred gift: a temporary anchor within an ever-shifting universe. Skillfully managing these can lead to personal empowerment.

“Let the magic happen! It is always there. Abundance and love are always there. Believe in the highest good. There is a higher essence to everything. The realm you’re in has a heaviness that mutes energy. You can penetrate through it, no matter how dark and heavy…Prosperity can happen at any time!”
-Kuan Yin

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Bringing to "Beneficial Law of Attraction: the Manifestation Teachings" her extensive studies in ancient and contemporary wisdom and philosophy, Ms Bradford has acquired expertise in Transpersonal Hypnosis. In spite of this background, she could never have imagined the singular psychic event that would transform her life. Commencing in the winter of 2004, a hypnosis client, Lena Lees, spontaneously channeled Eastern deity, Kuan Yin. She revealed the deity’s immutable teachings on the law of attraction.