Women do not give themselves enough credit where money is concerned. Because financial planning has traditionally been the domain of men, women have been left out of the conversation.

We, as women, have been socialized to believe that we should leave the big financial decisions to men. We have been taught that the world of investments is too complicated and that we shouldn’t worry our pretty little heads about it. We’ve been taught that money is logical and we are emotional creatures.

But these outdated social constructs do not serve us as women. In fact, they hinder our ability to provide financial security for ourselves in retirement, a time when we will be most vulnerable to the rising costs of healthcare, taxes, and inflation.

When it comes to money, knowledge is power. Power that we can use to take care of our selves financially.

Our ability to take care of ourselves financially in retirement will mean the difference between living a comfortable lifestyle and living a life threatened by poverty.

I love how Sallie Krawcheck, Founder and CEO of Ellevest says it:

“Staying in control of our own financial futures — regardless of our relationship status — is central to financial feminism.”

Ladies, we can do this!

I believe it behooves us, as women, to rule our own financial affairs – whether single, married, divorced or widowed. We must step up to the plate of our own financial destiny, and create the life we want for ourselves, both now and in retirement.

Every woman has the capacity, intelligence and inner-strength to rule her own financial affairs.

Author's Bio: 

Patti Fagan, an award-winning financial coach and retirement planner, is a sought-after speaker on Women, Money and Retirement. She has owned and operated an independent insurance and financial services agency for the last thirteen years and has helped hundreds of women achieve financial security for their retirement years. As a financial coach, blogger and writer, Patti is passionate about empowering women with their money mindset because she wants women to be financially secure, both now and in their retirement years.

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