Vanessa Ohayon of Vanessa Events & Hospitality ( advised on the four wedding trends not to waste your time or money on.

When talking about a budget for the wedding, the sky's the limit! With that said, there are tasteful ways to share your hard earned dollars with your friends and family, and then there are other ways that are wasteful where the environment is concerned!

These 4 trends can easily be skipped and won’t be missed.

1) Expensive print invitations, and especially the envelope. Once the envelope is opened, it is immediately discarded into the waste bin. Opt for digital invitations and save all the printing, postage and waste in the environment.

2) We love a custom designed monogram for the newlyweds, but refrain from printing it everywhere. Make its appearance special, and when gifting your guests with tchotchkes, make sure they are useful keepers that will be enjoyed beyond the wedding weekend and not something that will be stuffed in a bottom junk drawer. If you are having a destination wedding, make sure your giveaways are airplane friendly. Avoid putting your picture or full wedding date on a tote bag or other give-aways.

3) Dance floor paraphernalia finds its way around necks and on heads of guests, only to quickly end up on the floor or stage, leaving a mess of the beautifully designed space. Instead, opt to use these to enhance a photo opp corner. This will also lend to needing to purchase less in quantities so you can up the game in quality of hand selected pieces.

4) I LOVE sparklers, but in order to get it right, you need a small army and loads of BBQ lighters. The magic is in the timing! Sparklers will not only take time to light, but they burn quickly, so you have to have a team of people lighting simultaneously in order to enjoy, otherwise you risk it being anti-climatic. If going for the sparklers, make sure to get the extra long ones, giving you more time to get it together. Moreover, if you’ve ever been to a Thai lantern festival, you know a Thai Lantern release is even more complicated... Those lanterns take minutes to light, and do not always release easily to the sky. For these you need more staff than you will have on hand.

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