Choosing the right color for your kitchen cabinets depends on various factors. Ultimately, personal preference always prevails as everything is made to suit your needs. Would you choose a kitchen with Off white kitchen cabinets? This is a popular choice though some homeowners have a few reservations about this color.

Why do people fear white kitchen cabinets?

Some of the top reasons why people fear white kitchen cabinets include the following:

Too common

Some homeowners find this color scheme undesirable simply because it is too common. You’ll often find many homes with off white kitchen cabinets. It is not a unique color scheme that you can use to make your home unique.

Shows dirt easily

Unlike other colors, white doesn’t hide dirt. This means that all the oil spills and dust will be seen on your cabinets. This is not ideal for busy homes.

Requires maintenance

You will need to invest time and money to keep your white cabinetry attractive. Since they show dirt easily, you’ll have to keep on wiping them repeatedly to keep them clean. They also reveal wear and tear, forcing homeowners to repair them frequently.

What are the benefits of white kitchen cabinets?

Make a small room look bigger

One of the top benefits that you get from installing white kitchen cabinets is that it makes your kitchen space look bigger than it is. The color reflects light, working best to deceive the eye that the room is bigger.

It is a benefit to homeowners with relatively small kitchen spaces. It can help such homeowners to make their kitchens appear big.

Looks clean and elegant

If there is a reason why white is a preferred color in the kitchen, then it has to be the elegance that it brings to the kitchen. White is an elegant color that makes a home feels expensive. It is also clean and neat, which makes it ideal for a homeowner that follows a minimalistic approach that seeks to make the kitchen clean and neat.

Increases home’s value

Because of the overall acceptance of white as a preferred color in the kitchen, installing white kitchen cabinets increases the home’s value. Many new homebuyers will prefer such neutral and attractive colors to bold ones.


There are benefits of installing white kitchen cabinets in your home. You must consider them against their drawbacks and decide.

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