Internet marketing today, no doubt, is the commonwealth factor for anyone who wants to eke out a good form of living in any area of human endeavor and far beyond the stretch of people’s imagination about 20 years ago because of the way it has revolutionized the brick and method methods of business particularly right from the beginning of this millennium. There is no gainsaying the fact that several billions dollars worth of transactions normally go through the Internet on a yearly basis even right from the comfort of homes and offices. Once you have access to the computer and good Internet access, nothings stops anyone from joining the rat race of making it big online.

The only snag, however, is that you must do things in the proper way by looking for and following the teachings of good mentors – people that have gone through thick and thin in the process and who can comfortably show you the way otherwise you will find Internet marketing a curse rather than blessing since there are many unscrupulous people on the net whose main objective is to suck new comers into the business into the bone marrows through programs and e-books that are designed only to make the so-called promoters smile to the banks.

It goes without saying that no one becomes an expert in any field just by mere wishful thinking so learning by the rope and being diligent in one’s way is the only factor that can influence one’s success in internet marketing so you should avoid jumping the gun by whatever comes your way through what is displayed as screen shots by one thousand and one stuff promoters claiming thousands or millions of dollars that make on a regular basis through a system they just discovered in order to make any gullible person rich overnight. Before investing your money in such offer, just ask yourself that if it is easy as they claim why exposing the so-called ‘set and forget’ stuff instead of keeping it to themselves.

If your ultimate intention is to make an "extra income" to offset your recurrent bills for house rents, your children’ school fess and other social and community commitments, internet marketing, no doubt, can be the best option for you but the snag here is that you must give yourself time to learn the techniques in the process and look for good people to lead you by the hands since any good thing does not come through the easy path.. The first question you must ask yourself is how long it takes professionals like, doctors, attorneys-at-law, architects, bankers, engineers and their like to become what they are before they can be identified as successes in their various professions and so it has to be the same for internet marketing. There is no gainsaying the fact that education and serious learning are the major keywords to success in internet marketing. As it is often said, gold is nothing but an ordinary dust buried in the bosom of the earth until it is refined through fire and several other processes before it becomes an object of inestimable value so internet marketing is not an exception in that line.

The other important element of success in internet marketing is that you should not be afraid of failure for the first few years of your efforts of learning by the rope and be ready to take action without hesitation since practice makes perfect.

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Ade Adenekan is the Executive Director of Pan-African Reconciliation Centre in Lagos City Nigeria and a leader in the third sector of the global economy.

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