“From the mouths of babes” the saying goes.

I was reminded of this while interviewing David Sereda in Sedona a few days ago. He was telling us how his wife receives dreams of advanced mathematical formulas while having no understanding of what they mean. She is a surrogate, of sorts, for her massively intelligent husband who can then decipher the code and integrate it into his work.

This, in turn, brought up a memory in which I was the “babe” whose mouth spewed forth something that may have been profound. I was given the information during the cross over place between dreamtime and waking.

I had dinner a few years ago with a well known physicist who was contemplating a theory that was the subject of his newest book. As we talked about it at dinner I asked if he knew the answer to his theory. He said “No, but I will by the time I finish the book.” We both giggled at the confidence it takes to write a heavily theoretical scientific book without knowing the ending!

The question he was contemplating was “What is the organizing principle behind quantum coherence and the development of the human mind?” Science has long pondered what influences are in motion in forming such a unique thumbprint to each person’s functioning, abilities, desires, habits, relationships, etc. Once the factors of environment and nurture are considered and subtracted out, there are still hidden influences that effect the way we develop.

Bruce Lipton brought this to the forefront in his work The Biology of Belief. One of the more profound moments in reading his book, and later conducting an interview with him, was the example he gave of a developing fetus who is about to enter into a violent family situation. Bruce stated that the cranium has been witnessed to thicken as a response to the fetus’ exposure to violence against the mother while in utero. Fascinating! Yet, could there be something even more subtle at play?

As I was awakening the morning after my dinner with the physicist I heard the following, which was given to me to be delivered to the physicist: “The organizing principle behind quantum coherence and the human mind is the intention of the soul.”

I was dumbfounded at the simplicity and seeming plausibility in this statement. I did not consider, in that moment, that this would be profound only if one were open to the notion of a soul that merges with the physical body and mind. Very few branches of science are comfortable with this exploration.

I called my physicist friend and told him I had a message for him. He asked if we could meet for tea.

Upon sharing this ‘message’ he appeared at first intrigued, followed by an expression of conflict. He asked where I got the information, to which I said “I heard a voice when I was waking this morning.” This is not always a ‘credibility builder’ among the scientific community. Still, he appeared to be thinking about it. Meanwhile, a third tea companion, who is versed both in science and metaphysics said “That makes perfect sense!”, which seemed to annoy the physicist.

I ran into him a couple of years later and asked him if he had finished the book. He said “No.” I may be flattering myself and the source of that message, but I couldn’t help thinking that that message may have been a gift, though one with a price tag in that it would have required that he go beyond his belief system and risk ridicule.

This in mind, I have reflected on this message quite a bit and, when woven in with theories and science I have since become aware of, I realized that there is likely truth in that message.

Our soul, which has absolute choice as to when, where and who to incarnate to, is involved with the development of the fetus from the moment the decision to incarnate into a specific body is made. With abilities far beyond the understanding of our conscious mind, this finite part of ourselves is perfectly capable of making adjustments within the developing fetus that will align it for it’s purpose and life’s experience. Just as we would build a home appropriate to support our lifestyle, a soul chooses the DNA pool and enhances the features to meet it’s needs. This might explain the inexplicable piece that my physicist friend was looking for.

As for we lay people, it feels empowering to know that I have quite possibly engineered my life’s experience right down to my life’s vehicle - my body. Contrary to what some people feel, we are not victims of DNA and badly paired sex. We have a hand in our own creation. If we don’t like what we’ve created, then we would do well to look deeply into what the opportunities for learning and growth have been in this life and therein will lie the cue. I can live with that. It always comes back down to us - you and me - and the intention of our souls.

Author's Bio: 

Regina Meredith is a lifelong journalist with her early roots in network sports coverage and anchoring the nightly news. Having chosen to use the media for the purpose of higher education, Regina broke away from mainstream news and began pursuing an independent media career which has included producing an award winning documentary, more than 100 features on the environment, newspaper columnist, producing and hosting six-seasons of a PBS and international vegetarian cooking show series titled Regina's Vegetarian Table, authoring two cookbooks and co-founding Conscious Media Network. The past six years of her life have been devoted to interviewing more than 300 of the top progressive thinkers of our time. She has written a new book on the path to spiritual awakening that will be available in early 2011. The underpinnings of her life's work has been a 30 year long commitment to the process of her personal spiritual growth and enlightenment. Regina's body of work can be found at www.cmn.tv.