There have been many methods proposed and tried for curing a severe fear or phobia but the evidence available indicates that the vast majority of them fail miserably. The latest techniques of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) have provided good results as also have the methods employed in CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) but far out distancing both of these is the best way of curing a phobia that I want to share with you in this article.
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Let’s just take a moment to understand what we mean when we talk about a severe fear or phobia. Fear is something we experience quite often in our daily lives and is a natural part of our instinct of survival. This natural fear mechanism is usually triggered by the presence of potential danger or a mild shock caused by an unexpected surprise.

This type of fear is not a problem to most of us and quickly disappears once the source of the threat has gone or the shock event has passed without further problems. The real problem is with those irrational fears that can and do adversely affect a person’s normal life. It is the irrational and severe fear (which often turns into a phobia – the most extreme form of fear) that traditional psychology has failed to consistently remedy.

What is a phobia? A phobia is an extreme fear reaction to a perceived danger or threat that under ordinary circumstances does not pose any danger. For non-phobia people the perceived danger will usually seem quite ordinary and without threat.

For the phobia sufferer the real difficulty is the fear reaction itself and the affect this has on the person’s physical well-being during a phobic attack. The physical symptoms of a phobia attack are the result of the chemicals pumped into your body which is a reaction initiated by your mind; under normal circumstances these are necessary when facing a real danger to prepare you for fight or flight.

It has been shown over the past few years that the real key to curing a phobia is to find a way to sever the link or connection between the perception of the threat and the physical reactions that take place. Psychologists using NLP and CBT try to do this by changing how you perceive the situation or altering, at a conscious level, how you actually react to the perceived threat. The reason these methods quite often struggle to permanently resolve the phobia is that they are trying to re-wire your perception which is extremely difficult to do when the sufferer can’t control their reaction. Even after extensive ‘treatment’ with NLP or CBT the phobia may quickly reappear because the fear reaction has its roots in your subconscious mind not your conscious part.

The much more powerful method, and the only one with an outstanding success rate, is based on using mind-body energy therapy i.e. your own energy healing system! This method of really curing your phobia targets the actual mind connection i.e. the link, that exists between the trigger for the phobia (the perceived danger or traumatic incident) and the physical reaction (the fight or flight response). By targeting and breaking this psychological connection that exists between the mind’s perception (and equally a traumatic memory) and the physical response this causes it is quite easy to permanently eliminate the phobia.

The traditional psychologists and the medical profession in general, really don’t want you to know about this incredible, and simple method because they believe that phobias are one of the hardest ‘mental disorders’ to deal with (because statistically they have failed more than they have succeeded) but that is simply not true – and you can now experience the truth of this for yourself. Natural mind-body energy therapy is exactly what it says it is; no drugs, no gimmicks, no hassle, just results! Check it out!

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