Finding your life purpose can be a healing journey. Purpose elevates confusion and brings in clarity. Your life passion gives you a reason for living. There are techniques to discovering your life purose. The two basic technniques to finding your life mission is both spiritual and physical.

Spiritual Techniques:

The three spirtual steps to discovering your life purose are:

1. Prayer and Meditationn (Communicating to God/spiritual relaxation exercise)
2. Your Dreams (Visionns)
3. Spiritual Guidance (Goals)

Prayer and meditation is the essential part of discovering your life purpose. This manual includes the techniques to prayer and meditation.


Techniques To Finding Purpose: pg. 22

Basic Techniques To Prayer:

1. Find a quiet room in your house or if you can go to an alter in your church, that’s fine too. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can still pray because God can always hear you.

2. Clear your mind and fill your heart with love.

3. Ask God (The creator) for guidance. Make sure your heart is sincere. No matter what situation that you are in, God loves you and he can hear you. Ask God your purpose.

4. Listen to God. God responds to each and every one of us in different ways. Some people hear God through dreams. Some people may hear a divine voice. Others may get the message from other people, some through angles, or spiritual guides.

5. You must believe in God and keep your mind open. You must not let the noise of the physical world keep you from hearing the soft divine voice of God.

6. Be patient and have faith. You must be patient when working in God’s time. You may not hear you calling right then and there. Just have faith that God will lead you to your purpose.

7. Once you discover your purpose, you must have faith. When God reveals your purpose, you will have a knowing within yourself and know that you must follow your spiritual path in life. Keep the faith and don’t let fear stand in your way. God’s light will guide you to forfilling your life destiny.


Meditating clears your mind and enables you to release the negative energy that comes when when dealing with the physical world. Meditation relaxes the mind, body, and spirit. Daily meditation is essential to maintaining good health both inside and out.

Meditation can last any length of time and can be done just about anywhere. You can use meditation to fit into your every day routine.

Techniques To Finding Purpose: pg. 23

The Basic Steps To Meditation

1. Find a quiet place to meditate. It can be in your room, in your backyard, in your closet, at work, or near the beach. It can take a few minutes or even hours. Meditation can be done also during your spare time.

2. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Think peaceful thoughts. Imgaine that you hear the soft gentle waves of the ocean and that you are on the beach. Just clear you mind and think of peaceful thoughts.

3. Take deep breaths. Breath in and out (inhale and exhale). Do this for about 10 minutes.

4. Relax your hands in your lap.

5. Now release your stess and negative energy that you may be feeling. Release what ever source that is clouding your mind. If your job or bills are stressing you then release it and let it go. Put everything in God’s hand. There are some things that are beyond our control and instead of stressing yourself release it and clear your mind. Think about things that makes your happy Replace your negative thoughts with postive ones and believe that eveything will be all right. You must put your faith back in God and not on your ego or your perception of the physcial world.

6. Focus on your purpose and remind yourself of what you are put here to do.

7. Now open your eyes.

Meditation is a very simple exercise you can do at any time and is quite effective. It helps to clear your mind and release stress. Meditation is what we should do several times each day. If you are working a stressful job or facing some serious issues, this excercise is the key element that is missing in many people lives. When you go a long time with out releasing negative energy it builds up and can cause health problems such heart attacks and high blood pressure.

Meditational exercises is a great way to end your day. If you had had a hard day at work then try meditating for a few minutes; this allows you to clear your mind and realase your stress. Meditation helps you focus on your family life and bring in love. Releasing negative energy enables you to rejuvenate and bring love into your house hold.

Techniques To Finding Purpose: pg. 24

Your Dreams (Visions):

Dreams can be very powerful. Your dreams opens up your world of new possibilities. Dreams are very real and spiritual. Your dreams allows you to do many things such as answer your problems or give you visions into the future.

Since ancient times, dreams have been seen as messages from God. Joseph in the holy bible had many dreams that enabled him to see into the future. Joseph was also a dream interpreter. Dreams closes off your fears and keeps us opened to the spirtitual world. This explains why some people are able to communicate to loved ones who are deceased.

Dreams taps into our purpose; it allows us to see our true spiritual selfs through the light of God. My dreams led me to my purpose of writing and turning my dreams into books. I had a vision one day and it showed me that writing books and speaking will be my life mission.

Your visions stems from your dreams. Visions can come through your dreams or from daydreaming.

Most of the best creative ideas came from visions and dreams. So take a closer look at your dreams. Your dreams may be telling you something.

Steps To Discovering Your Purpose Through Dreams:

1. Keep a note book and pen on your night stand

2. After you have a dream try to remember what it was and write it down in your note book immediately. If you wait to write your dream down, you might forget what the dream was about or forget the vital details of your dreams.

3. Pray over your dreams and ask God to guide you.

4. Have faith that the answers to your dreams will be revealed.

5. Let a dream interpreter or trained spirtiual counselor help you in intepreting your dreams.

6. Once you know your answer to your life purpose walk out on faith and make your dreams come true!!!

Techniques To Finding Purpose: pg. 25

Spiritual Guidance

Let spirit guide you to your purpose. Often times we let our egos or other people decide what our life purpose should be. When we follow purpose and allow things to fall into place, the broken pieces in our lives begins to mend together and become hold again. Sometimes we get in the way our own life purpose. Often times, we stand in the way of our own success. Let spirit be your guide to purpose. Spiritual guidance is the anwer to staying on course and following your life mission.

The Physical Techniques To Discovering Your Purpose

1. Look at your skills and talents.

2. Focus on your passion. (What drives you? / What motivates you?)

3. Look at your hobby. (What do you enjoy doing during your spare time?)

If you take these simple steps, it can help you to see more clearly what your purpose is in life. Follow the exercises in this manual and pray over your purpose. Ask God for gudiance. Believe in your purpose and your abilities. Now lets get started with the following worksheets and activities. The worksheets and exercise helps you to shed more light on your purpose. The excercises will help you to unlock the hidden treasures, gifts, and talents that you may have hidden and have never thought of pursuiting.

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