The various stages of sleep make it an ever changing state that includes two main components that are Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep and non-REM. It's during REM that we usually experience dreams but it's the deeper stages of non-REM sleep that are the most beneficial to us. You may find that after a good night's sleep that you feel refreshed and energized, since sleep enables you to restore and rejuvenate many functions of the mind and body. Sufferers of sleep panic attacks are likely to miss the crucial deep stages of sleep, waking up feeling un-refreshed and tired.

Daily worry and stress can have a negative impact on your sleep, health and quality of life. Time spent worrying and stressing is time and energy wasted. When you're not focusing on the negatives in life you have more energy and time to do more of the things that are important to you. Changing certain daily habits and behaviors can drastically improve your ability in controlling panic attacks and anxiety.

If something is annoying you, write it down and either work out a solution or forget about it and move on. By writing down your concerns you can come back to them later and not have to repeatedly think about them. When getting ready for sleep, try and let go of concerns and avoid trying to solve problems. The idea is to write your thoughts down and forget about them until the next day when you can deal with them.

Spend time unwinding in the evening before sleep to help clear your mind from thoughts that could keep you awake. When your mind starts to think of negative thoughts such as not being able to sleep, and not getting enough to function the next day, it can be difficult to release these thoughts.

Inevitably your mind naturally makes a negative association with the bed and thinking about going to sleep alone makes you anxious and full of dread. It's important to make your bedroom and bed as comfortable as possible, and to use the bed for sleep and sex only, so that you don't associate it with waking activities.

Growing in popularity are two self-help techniques, EFT and NLP that have helped individuals with anxiety disorders in reducing and even stopping panic attacks. Relaxation plays an important part in good health and can help to promote sleep. We also know that negative thoughts and stress seriously degrades the body and the functioning of the brain. By reducing stress during the day we can be more relaxed and happier within ourselves.

Many people believe that they wake up in bad moods' and they have no control over how they feel. However this is untrue as we all have the power to change our thoughts and actions. These techniques will help give you a head start, in beating stress and overcoming negative emotions. Practitioners around the world have shown people how to tackle various mental and physical health problems with these techniques. Moreover, you can find lots of information and guides online on how to practice these techniques.

It's been proven in studies that people who are calm are better performers in the work place compared to those that are stressed. They also show that relaxed people make better progress in their careers than stressed people. These techniques will help you live a more relaxed and enjoyable life and reach your potential.

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