In today’s tough economic times, many people are facing very difficult life situations. There is mounting uncertainty in the air because so many people have already lost their jobs and their homes. It’s not easy to stay cool, calm and collected when you don’t know what to expect tomorrow.

You may feel that staying lighthearted is impossible in today’s world. But after working as a psychotherapist for 30 years, I have found seven simple tools that have proven themselves again and again for coming through the darkness to a more lighthearted way of living.

1. Cry the tears that need to be cried—tears clean the windows of your soul. If there’s no one to talk to, write your feelings in a journal until your body relaxes and you feel a sense of relief.

2. See every challenge as an opportunity to grow. Ask for divine help to face challenges in the best way possible and to find a positive solution that feels good to you.

3. Choose a new reality. Affirm to yourself “I’m choosing a new reality.” Then change your negative thoughts and beliefs about your challenges to positive thoughts and beliefs.

4. Imagine in living color what it would be like if a total miracle happened in your life. What you would see, hear, feel, smell and taste if, by some miracle, your life took a definite turn for the better?

5. Brainstorm possible solutions until you find one that feels good to you. Take some positive action today towards changing your life for the better.

6. Practice showing love to every person you come in contact with. Remember that when you give love, love also comes back to you.

7. Look at the funny side of life and find things to laugh about. Share your sense of humor with everyone around you, so that they can laugh and have fun too.

Repeat this process every day until things get better. Once you get started, you may want to continue doing it for the rest of your life.

Author's Bio: 

Kari Joys MS is an author, psychotherapist and energy healer in Spokane Washington. Through her work, Kari transforms stress, anxiety, depression and abuse issues into self esteem, inner peace and light-heartedness. Check out her website at or her Facebook Fan page at