Sleeping Positions for Anxiety: Best Position to Sleep for Anxiety - How to Sleep Better With Anxiety

Many people know me as 'The Anxiety Guy' but I have to admit this new connection between sleeping on your stomach, and heightened symptoms of anxiety such as lightheadedness and fatigue was something I had to look further into. For me at least during my battle with anxiety a few years ago, it made total sense, how could I not have seen the connection?

Dizziness Due To Shallow Breathing

When your stomach pushes on your lungs it becomes harder to breathe. When it becomes harder to breath and the symptoms of anxiety such as dizziness kicks in, it's a sign that your breathing has become shallow whether you're conscious of it or not. Strangely I get at least 10 emails per day asking me 'why do I wake up in panic?'

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This Could Be The Reason

When you wake up in the morning and you're a stomach sleeper, there's a good chance that you've been breathing so shallow for so long during the night that your symptoms of anxiety such as dizziness are already there in the am. The next step in the panic cycle in the morning is when you REALIZE that it's there, and your natural reaction, which is to fight turns on.

At This Point The Morning Panic Cycle Is Now On Course

It's important that you experiment with this new idea, for a week do your best to sleep on your back. Not only is this much better for your spine and neck, you may feel like your breathing (although still slightly fast and shallow during sleep) is less restricted. This could be a massive relief for you the panic and anxiety sufferer, especially if your symptoms of anxiety are more present in the am.

Even if your anxiety is not at its worst during the early hours of the day, you should always do your best to practice good breathing throughout the day. Make sure you exhale all the air out when breathing, because it's in the exhale that is the most important part to combat anxiety. Steadily work on your 4 seconds in, pause, and 6 seconds out breathing rhythm whenever you get the chance.

Remind yourself that when morning panic strikes and you begin getting the thoughts' of 'what if' (worst case scenario), this is only happening because your body has switched on its fight or flight response. This is simply firing up your nervous system, and increasing your respiratory rate. The worst will not happen. So tonight when you lay your head to sleep, turn over and begin sleeping on your back instead. Your mind and your body will thank you greatly for this new habit.

Always Remember: Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone.

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Panic and anxiety are always unwanted visitors as far as anyone is concerned. Anxiety in a way, robs people of their everyday life because when anxiety occurs, the feelings it brings about are all the anxiety sufferer can think about.

Having feelings of being unreal or in another world are how many people describe anxiety attacks. Some even believe they are going out of their minds. However, anxiety sufferers are not going out of their minds. Anxiety is a condition where adrenaline is secreted through the bloodstream uncontrollably. It has nothing to do with insanity. Anxiety sufferers may have unreal feelings while they are having anxiety attacks, but actually, these people are usually normal and well adjusted.

This article is a discussion about just what is happening to a person who is having an anxiety or panic attack. It also gives advice about handling anxiety is such a way one can begin to overcome this condition.

It is All About the Struggle

Adrenaline shoots through our veins in response to fight or flight. What this means is, when we are struggling to overcome some situation or when we are trying to get away from something, such as a wild animal, adrenaline will enter into our bloodstreams. This adrenaline is there to help us fight better and run away faster. In certain situations it is good that we are able to fight better or run faster, but when adrenaline secretion is already giving us feelings of unreality, fighting this adrenaline secretion or trying to run away from it only secrets more adrenaline and makes us feel more unreal.

When we experience panic/anxiety, our body functions differently because of adrenaline. Because of the different way our body is functioning at this time we will feel things we normally don't and usually, these feelings can be disconcerting. However, when we fight or run away from these feelings we bring on more unusual feelings and so we compound our misery.

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Sooner or later, panic attacks always end. When they do they often leave us totally spent. It is at this time we start to put our guards up against any signs of another one coming. This "putting our guard up" is a form a fighting or running away, and so it increases the chance another panic attack will come on soon.

As you can see, trying to fight off panic is not only futile it creates nervousness, which if handled incorrectly will result in more panic attacks. So, it stands to reason that not fighting or even giving up is a better way to defeat anxiety and panic.

Giving Up or, Passivity

Though it seems like a strange approach for those of us who have fought for everything we have, the way to victory over anxiety and panic is to give up fighting. Surrendering to anxiety starts the recovery process because when we give up we no longer add adrenaline flow to our already adrenaline rich bloodstreams.

Developing the attitude of letting panic do to you whatever it will is the way to lessening the severity of each panic attack as they occur. In time, and maybe you will be surprised how short a time, no panic at all will occur because by ignoring the symptoms of panic, such as feelings of unreality, you will have taken the teeth out of panic. When there is nothing to fear, there is nothing left to fight, no adrenaline and so, no panic.

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Have you ever goggled your symptom of anxiety before? Of course you have what am I thinking. Funny enough my anxiety would flare up if there was no WiFi where I was going, because I just had to research what this NEW symptom of anxiety was right away. Of course this cycle is one that many many people with constant symptoms of anxiety experience, reason? Because what's the first line of treatments we have when it comes to dealing with anxiety? Doctors, unfortunately they aren't too bright when it comes to dealing with a patients anxiety issues, and they are all trained to give the same answers which is medication and psychotherapy. That's just not good enough for the average person who suffers from an anxiety disorder in my opinion.

Once the medication is given to us, the first thing many anxiety sufferers do is of course head back to trusted DR Google. We research the facts, success stories, and failures of this new unknown drug we are about to take. Problem is, keeping track of whether or not the anxiety medication is working or not causes the person dealing with anxiety to feel even MORE stress and anxiety. Than of course the anxiety sufferer doesn't see the results they are hoping for from the medication (because the whole chemical imbalance theory is flawed), and immediately is faced with two options:

1) continue taking the prescribed medication that they were told will combat their depressed and anxious state.

2) Stop the medication and look for other options

Health anxiety is a very tricky thing, so don't beat yourself up over the thoughts and symptoms of anxiety you are experiencing on a daily basis. Crazy thing is EVERYONE experiences things such as body zaps, lump in the throat feelings, sweaty palms etc but simply don't view them as a threat to their lives. Examples of these feelings are for instance when a non anxiety sufferer goes to the movies and tears up, the lump in the throat feeling is present but the link has been made between the movie and the feeling. So the person knows there is no need to alert the inner alarm system that is built into each one of us.

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There are a few things you can do starting today to get on the road to stopping your fears and symptoms of anxiety though. So here are the 10 steps you MUST implement starting today:

1) Stop looking for instant results

2) Convince the part of you that doesn't really want to change

3) Become knowledgeable about your condition, and understand that you don't have an actual serious illness

4) Stop visiting the doctor about your symptoms of anxiety

5) Stop researching your condition on DR Google now

6) Stop listening to advice that isn't working

7) Stop avoiding EVERYTHING that you fear

8) Slow everything you do down

9) Understand that you are not a mind reader, and can not read what others may be thinking about you

10) Understand that setbacks during the times of recovery from anxiety are inevitable

Begin implementing these 10 steps today, and you'll be well on your way to becoming the person you once were and ending your struggles with your symptoms of anxiety once and for all.

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After overcoming many forms of anxiety and panic disorder, I've come to the realisation that a huge part of recovery depends on purely "internal" things.

By "internal," I mean your thoughts, your moods, your emotions, your frames of mind. The "external" things matter too, of course, such as your body, your diet, your surroundings and so on.

But it's the "internal" things that will make the biggest difference for you and your anxiety and panic disorder.

So let's take a quick look at one of the most important "internal" things you can work on. It's called "Inevitability Thinking."

Have you ever feared something bad would happen? And I mean something very specifically bad. Maybe you went on a job interview and afterward you were sure you didn't get the job. Until you heard whether you got the job, you may have continued telling yourself that you didn't get the job, even going as far as telling yourself why you didn't get the job.

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That's "Inevitability Thinking."

The outcome, as far as you're concerned, is inevitable.

This is an incredibly powerful force. Having so much of your time and energy focused on a single thought or idea like this can change many things, including your mood, your thoughts, your emotions, and even your actions.

The trouble is, "Inevitability Thinking" is almost always only present in negative scenarios, just as with the above "job interview" example.

But what if we could switch this around so that we only used "Inevitability Thinking" in positive scenarios? What if all our energy and time was spent imagining the best possible outcome, and not the worst?

That would affect your mood, your thoughts, your emotions, and your actions in a completely different way.

Stopping "Inevitability Thinking" in negative scenarios and starting it in positive scenarios can help you to achieve massive leaps forward in your progress.

And to make use of this power, all you have to do it start training yourself to see the positive outcomes as inevitable. This is simple to do, and it can work wonders in helping any anxiety and panic disorder.

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