Anorexia has been an eating disorder that has been around for centuries, affecting many women and men and causing serious problems in health and body, and even becoming fatal if left untreated. If you worry about your loved one and are not sure if they have the eating disorder, here are some signs that can determine if they have anorexia nervosa.

Of course, the first sign is the rapid losing of weight to an unnatural extend. Shedding numerous pounds over a short amount of time, no longer fitting in any of their clothes, and becoming drastically thinner are going to be major indicators that you need to look for other symptoms and determine if the person has the disorder. Another sign to look for is Russell's sign, which is scarring of the knuckles or scratches there which will be caused when people shove fingers down their throat to induce vomiting. Another sign is lanugo, which are soft, thin hairs that appear on the body. These are some of the physical signs, in addition to drastic weight loss, that should alert you that this person might need some help.

Some behavior signs to be on the watch for are whether or not the person is obsessed with fat and calories content of all the food they eat. Also, if they are obsessed with food and cooking and recipes but do not eat any of it themselves, then that might be a sign that food is always on their mind. Similarly, if they diet despite being extremely underweight, then that is most likely a sign that they have the disorder. They will refuse to eat much because of a strong fear of gaining weight or becoming heavier, and you will notice them cut their food into very small pieces, thinking it will be like eating less, and they will never want to eat in the company of others.

If you find that they are throwing away food or hiding it, that is another indication that the person has a disorder. Also, if they run to the bathroom after eating, then there is a chance they might be using laxatives or purging and you need to make sure they aren't doing this dangerous activity that is highly harmful to their stomach and system.

Mentally, the state of this person will be frantic not to gain weight, they will think they are not thin though they resemble a skeleton, and they might be extremely lethargic and depressed. Also, they will complain of being cold, especially because of the loss of essential body fat. Also, they may be wanting to be left alone always and may not want to hang out with friends or be in the company of other people. They might become secretive and reclusive. If they begin to wear really baggy clothing, they might be wishing to hide a really thin body because they are tired of people telling them it's unhealthy, or others do it to hide a body they believe is really overweight.

If any of these signs apply, seek help for this person immediately.

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