I am always very confident that I can provide complete and natural anxiety relief when I get a new client who has a problem with anxiety, fear, phobia or panic attacks. I have worked with so many people with these problems and every single person achieved complete healing for anxiety and was free of these symptoms within a matter of weeks.

How can I be so confident that I can provide anxiety treatments without medication so that everybody can just rid themselves of these problems? Because anxiety, fear, phobias and panic attacks are not really psychological problems. They may have been triggered at some point by a psychological trauma but in itself chronic anxiety is the result of a faulty breathing habit. Therefore, if you gently correct your breathing the anxiety and panic will decrease and after a few weeks completely disappear. This is not just a theory – I have seen this working in every single person I have been working with in my counselling practice over many years.

Many of my clients have trouble believing this because they think that there is something deeply wrong with them on a psychological level. The answer is that they are mistaken. There is nothing wrong with them other than that they have a anxiety-producing breathing habit. Healing anxiety simply means to change this breathing habit.

What is an anxiety-producing breathing habit? In a nutshell – it is overbreathing – breathing too much and too fast. Breathing too much, too fast over a long period of time alters the chemical balance in our blood and entire body and is very detrimental. It can be compared with eating too much too fast over a long period of time. Everybody knows the negative outcome of doing this – obesity and many related health problems. Overbreathing creates similar negative outcomes – most of all anxiety and panic.

How do we need to breathe to achieve healing for anxiety? In a nutshell – we need to breathe less. Here is how:

Breathe in naturally (NOT particularly deeply) through your nose, then breathe out naturally through your nose and then you pause…and pause…and pause…and pause. The longer the pause the better. Then you repeat the cycle of in-breath, out-breath and pause over and over. If you get to pauses between each out-breath and in-breath that last about 15 seconds you are on your best way to be cured. Longer pauses are even better. Breathe in this way for 10 to 20 minutes every day while sitting down and concentrating and every time during the day when your anxiety comes up. That’s all!!

‘But won’t I deprive my organs of oxygen?’, my clients ask me sometimes. The answer is no – to the contrary – through breathing less and more slowly the oxygen in your blood can be delivered more successfully to your brain, muscles and organs. And most importantly, you will feel more peaceful and happy over time.

Does this all sound too simple? There is a danger that people do not give this simple advice about healing for anxiety a go because it seems too easy. That would be a shame because nobody has to live with anxiety – it can easily be cured. Therefore, measure your average anxiety or panic on a scale of 0 to 10, use the anti-anxiety breathing technique religiously for two weeks and then measure your anxiety again. At the very minimum your anxiety will have decreased two points. If you carry on breathing correctly your anxiety will decrease further with every week. After some time you will not need the breathing exercise at all any more because it will have become an unconscious healthy habit.

For a more detailed and expanded explanation about natural anxiety relief and self-help anxiety treatments without medication please refer to my book The Five-Minute Miracle.

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