In many countries around the world, the mind is often the focus when it comes to dealing with mental and emotional problems. If, then, someone is not in a good way internally, they are likely to end up trying to change what is going on up top.

This can be due to what they have learned online or what has been recommended to them by others. But, if they don’t end up engaging in this process all by themselves, they could end up being assisted by another.

For Example

Now, if they were to reach out for assistance, they could end up working with a cognitive therapist. And, as to why they have reached out, it could be because they have been struggling with anxiety.

Perhaps this is something that they have only just felt the call to do, after struggling with it for many years. Then again, this could be something that wasn’t too bad before but now it just has stopping them from being able to function.

External Support

So, in general, they could find that they feel edgy and that it is hard for them to concentrate. Consequently, it will be a good thing that they have reached out for support, so that they can be at their best.

By working with a therapist, they can be told that they need to learn to manage their thoughts and replace ‘negative’ thoughts with ‘positive’ thoughts. Additionally, they could be encouraged to settle themselves down by breathing deeply.

The Outlook

Therefore, what is taking place in their mind will be seen as the primary issue, irrespective of whether this is or isn’t said directly. It will then be as though they have a conscious mind and a physical body – that will be it.

What won’t be mentioned, either directly or indirectly, is that they will also have an unconscious mind. It is unlikely that the therapist won’t be aware of this part of a human being but, even if they are, it won’t be important enough to mention.

Moving Forward

By putting into action what has been suggested, one may find that their life gradually changes as time goes by. They will then feel more at ease and be able to perform at their best once again.

At the same time, this approach might not work and even if it does, it might only work for a short period of time. One way to look at this outcome would be to say that one needs to be patient or they need to be more mindful when it comes to what is taking place inside them.

Glorified Repression

Another way of looking at this would be to say that what is taking place in their mind is a sign that there is something at a deeper level that needs to be acknowledged and worked through. As a result of this, the best that this approach can do is repress was has entered their conscious awareness.

Yet, if they live in a society that lives on the surface and the assistance that is available is typically a manifestation of this, there will be no reason for them to look deeper. That is unless they end up stepping away from the mainstream and look deeper.

One Level

But, if this doesn’t take place, they could end up doing something else that will also repress what is truly going on for them. For example, they could end up being put on medication, told to exercise or given supplements.

One way to see the conscious mind would be to say that it is the weed, whilst the unconscious mind is the root. Naturally, cutting off the top won’t actually remove the weed and if a weed appears, it will be clear that it also has a root.

Another Level

With this in mind, if someone is suffering from anxiety, for instance, if they want to actually deal with what is going on, they will probably need to go deeper. Still, someone in this position could wonder what could be taking place at a deeper level that is causing them to experience life in this way.

What could enter their mind is if there is something wrong with their physical body and if this part of them needs to be taken care of. If it was put forward to them that what is taking place in their unconscious is what needs to be resolved, they could end up feeling confused.

Emotional History

This part of them is where they will store their emotional pain, amongst other things. This part of them will have first started storing pain when they were in their mother’s womb, then when they were born, their developmental years and up until this time in their life.

However, thanks to their brain’s ability to remove this pain from their conscious awareness, they can be loaded with pain without being aware of it. But, while most of this pain won’t enter their conscious awareness, there will be certain signs that reveal what is going on.

Reading the Signs

The issue is that if this understanding is not in place and one believes that who they are begins and ends with their conscious mind, these signs will be overlooked. Or, these signs will be seen as the problem per se.

When it comes to anxiety, this could be a sign that, at a deeper level, they are carrying pain that relates to a painful birth or it could show that their early years were not very nurturing. Either way, this would have been a time when this pain was not processed and automatically ended up being repressed.

It’s not over

Regardless of what took place, a big part of them won’t have moved on from that stage of their life. This is why, without his understanding in place, what is going on for them as an adult will appear to be ‘irrational.’

If, on the other hand, their personal history is taken into account, what is going on for them as an adult is likely to make complete sense. What needs to be kept in mind is that their mind has blocked out what took place to protect and to allow them to function.


What this illustrates is that if one has a mental and emotional problem and they want answers, they are unlikely to find them in their conscious mind. This part of them can give them an answer or two but it probably won’t be the right one/s.

Considering this, if someone is not in a good way and they are ready to change their life, they may need to reach out for the right support. This can be from a therapist or healer who is able to assist them in going to a deeper level and hold the space for them to work through their repressed pain.

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