Have you ever wondered what the Universe or a Higher Power would have to say about a challenge you might be experiencing in your life right now? How would your life change if you knew the answer?

With so many of us being challenged right now with loss, unexpected health challenges, hopelessness and emotional turmoil, it has never been more important to tap into your own source of wisdom and spiritual nourishment. Great awakening is happening within and around us. Life’s challenges are nothing but catalysts for change from within, so that we can find our true alignment with life and its source.

Many spiritual teachers tell us that life is a gift to be lived in the highest alignment with our divine source. In order for us to fully express our true essence, we must become fully aware of ourselves. To become fully self-aware, we must commit ourselves to owning, accepting and employing the part of us that is divine. Recognize that we are first and foremost a spiritual being having a human experience.

“The purpose of our journey on this precious Earth is now to align our personalities with our souls. It is to create harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence for Life. It is to grow spiritually. This is our new evolutionary pathway. The old pathway - pursuing the ability to manipulate and control does not work anymore. It now produces only violence and destruction.” ~ Gary Zukav

Do you feel connected to SPIRIT, a source of all that is? For many people, a spiritual connection can mean going to a place of worship and praying. Even though they believe they have a soul or spirit within, they may not feel a strong sense of inner connection with this great power. We all want to resolve life’s issues. For example, to find a fulfilling job, create a loving relationship, overcome a health challenge, help family members, sustain vibrant health and if nothing else, then get through the day with as much ease and grace as possible. We need help with these things in our everyday lives. So if the higher power of Spirit cannot be brought down to our daily reality, then what is its earthly use?

Within each one of us, we have tremendous power and wisdom. Similar to a GPS system, in that it can direct you where you want to go. We all have our own built-in feedback system that can lead us to greater clarity and guidance. But how does one tap into this inner guiding system? I must admit that for me personally, it took a great shift in perceptions to change the way I view everything. Despite my strong faith in a higher power, I had to really accept and believe that as a divine being in a physical form, I have access to divine guidance 24 hours a day/7 days a week. That was when I really understood that I was not alone in my journey of life. I knew that spiritual helpers in the form of guides, Guardian Angels and my Higher Self stood ready and willing to support me in every endeavor of my life, regardless of how big or small it was. Suddenly the abstract expressions “Ask and you shall receive” and “God is within me” became real to me.

When we awaken to our true identity and see ourselves as spiritual being, something amazing happens. This inner shift in perception allows us to live our daily lives from a different vantage point. With this shift in our inner reality, we see ourselves as co-creators of our own outer realities, where we begin to live purposefully and intentionally. We discover that this incredible power of Spirit is within us and not outside of us.

Powerful questions and thoughts to ponder upon:

What if you knew that the true power of Spirit resides in you and challenges you currently face in your life is a call from this omnipresent power to awaken you to your full potential? Would you address your current situation differently?

What if the current challenges of life are simply there to bring you back in alignment with your true identity and to help you step out of your limited self and step into yourself as a Divine creator being?

What if you had no fear and knew that you could not fail, what would be the most fabulous possible outcome of a seemingly negative situation in your life?

What if you knew that the Universe was abundant and you could request any assistance from the spiritual realm, knowing that no genuine request is denied. Would you be more relaxed about your life issues?

What if you could ask for all the support, guidance and protection needed from the unseen sources in the universe?

How would you respond to your current challenges?

As we open ourselves to receive guidance for our day to day challenges, we begin to heal the split between our spiritual and earthly perspectives. We bring greater alignment between our inner (spiritual) and outer (physical) self. One of the most significant steps you can take is to begin imagining what it would be like to have unlimited resources to bring you the things, people, opportunities and events that would most fulfill you.
If you look upward and focus on higher realms, as surely as you breathe you will receive any help or information you need. ~ Orin


Find time to be quiet every day for at least 10-15 minutes before you start your day. In this quiet space, imagine yourself opening up to higher guidance, insights, divine inspiration, motivation and an overall greater understanding of yourself. You cannot do this inner work through will power, effort or struggle. You must transform from within by connecting to your higher guidance. Imagine that many spiritual beings are holding the door wide open for you to make a quantum shift into a new identity. Imagine that you are leaving behind old ways of thinking, feeling and acting and instead experiencing more ease, grace, flow and balance in your life. As you open to receive higher guidance, you have access to all that the Spirit Self has to offer, which is infinite and unlimited. The information is always there; the only block is your lack of will and intent to receive the guidance.

Intent to receive higher guidance is all that is necessary to attune to the spiritual realms of guidance.

Author's Bio: 

Yamini Bhatt is on a mission to effectively shift the consciousness of our world. As a profoundly successful, internationally recognized, transformational teacher and healer, Yamini integrates several powerful, carefully selected and individually tailored healing modalities for both groups and individuals. Yamini founded Riddham (defined as Opulence) Online Spiritual Center to serve those who seek to overcome their fears and limitations and releasing struggles and to find the truths from within for a profound shift in consciousness. Yamini is an Ordained Minister, Certified in Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), a Spiritual Restructuring Teacher, Yoga and Meditation teacher and a Certified Prosperity Guide. She has served on the Board of Directors and as President for the Spiritual Response Association (SRA).