Life Lesson SIXTEEN


“Patience and passage of time do more than strength and fury.”

-Comte De Buffon

Definition: Patience involves our ability to master the journey not the destination.

Synonyms: Diving Timing, Trust, Letting go, knowing, and Going with the Flow.

Meridian Associations: All Meridians.

Organ Associations: All Organs.

Physical Imbalances: Any physical complaint can be attributed to our inability to master patience.

Pain Patterns: Systemic/Multiple Regions.

Emotional Patterns: Short Fuse, Rage, Anger, Agitation.

I could write an 800 page book or spend two weeks teaching a seminar on patients and I would only be scratching the surface.

Patience, without a doubt, is the most complex as well as the most common of all the Life’s Lessons we are in need of mastering. Being impatient arises out of our inability to be in sync with the processes and cycles of life. A sense of urgency arises out of our inability to be in control of the final outcomes of life’s processes and cycles.

Every process of life has a specific rhythm or cycle. There is the 24 hour cycle of light and dark. The moon goes through its cycles of new moon to full moon every month, it takes three hundred and sixty five days for the earth to revolve around the sun, and there is a season for growing, a season for death and rebirth. Women cycle on average every 28 days. Life is a process of growth, maturing, reproducing and finally transition of the physical body.

When we are not in rhythm or sync with these wonderful cycles and processes of life, we become impatient. Lack of patience brings forth the feeling of desperation, fear, urgency and restlessness. Listen to your body. Being impatient is your body’s way of letting you know that you are out of rhythm with the cycles and processes of life. Instead of flowing with life, we are swimming against the current.

We have been programmed by technology as well as the main stream media to be impatient. A hundred or so years ago, it took weeks, sometimes months for the mail to arrive by stage coach or pony express. What used to take weeks or months now takes seconds with the click of a mouse. What used to take weeks or months to travel from continent to continent now takes only hours. We went from dial-up to super fast high speed internet service. Phone calls from country to country happen in seconds. What has all this technology done to us? We become irritated when it takes an extra few seconds to connect to the internet, we get frustrated when a 3000 mile flight gets delayed an hour. The Go! Go! Go! Mentality has thrown us out of rhythm with life.

The commercials on TV tell us we have to have the latest generation super gadget to survive. Prior to the 2008 recession, everyone was told they should be in their dream house and dream car just out of high school or college, never mind if you couldn’t afford it “we’ll finance it!” because you have to have it all now.

The media tells us; unless we have all this “stuff” we will not be complete. Which creates more fear, desperation, urgency and panic; which leads to a lack of patience. Once again we are thrown out of rhythm with life. Even with all this technology, it still takes nine months for a baby to reach full term. A farmer still has to wait for his crops to grow before harvest. Believe it or not, most of us still have to put in our time, starting from the bottom, and working our way to the top. Maturing as we, grow physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Be patient, and embrace going with the flow of life

Exercise for Mastering Patience:

1- First, and foremost, never pray to God for patience. If you do, God will deliver to you more situations and experiences that require you to be more patient. Praying to God for guidance, inspiration and manifestation. But, I wouldn’t pray for patience.

2- Seek out the longest “checkout” line at the grocery store. The best way to master patience is to put your self into a situation that requires patience.

3- When you find yourself in a situation that requires patients, take a step back and see what else you could be doing with your time. Maybe read a book, write, paint, re-evaluate your goals, go to the gym, clean your house, attend to things you have neglected, stop and smell the roses, daydream.

4- From a developmental stand point we, as humans on our journey are no different than a developing baby. We do not learn to crawl, walk, and talk overnight. It takes time and patients for babies to master these abilities. We expect a baby to learn and grow now.. We have to be patient and understanding with their development. We are no different, when it comes to attaining knowledge, wisdom, intelligences, and refinement-physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We all learn and grow at different rates; some people easily attain knowledge, wisdom, intelligence and refinement. Some take years, some take lifetimes. Our acts of kindness and understanding toward each other on our journey are the ultimate in our mastery of patience.

5- Set your goals or intentions. Release them out into the universe. Most importantly, have unshakeable faith, trust, confidence and belief that your goal or intention will come to fruition. Think of a time in your life when a goal, dream or intention came to be. Remember what it felt like. Hold onto those emotions and feelings or joy, happiness, elation and gratitude. Add those emotions and feelings to your goal or intention out into the universe. You did it once, you can do it again and again and again!

6- Disconnect from TV, news, radio, phone→ go out in to the world

Patience Core Beliefs:

Life is about the journey, not the destination. Yes.

I am at peace with the journey. Yes.

I accept and embrace the messages, lessons, and timing of the universe. Yes.

I know, understand and what it feels like to be patient. Yes.

I am in harmony, aligned and congruent with my journey. Yes.
I am at peace with divine timing. Yes.

The universe/God has my best interest at heart. Yes.

The universe is a wonderful place and willing and always provides whatever I need. Yes.

I make good use of any down time. Yes.

I make good use of my creativity during the waiting periods. Yes.

I am an open channel for God during the still moments. Yes.

Everything in life is unfolding perfectly. Yes.

Insight and creativity flows through me abundantly during the quiet and slow segment of my life. Yes.

My needs are always met being me. Yes.

Good things always flow to me. Yes.

I am receptive to the divine messages, insight and creativity received during the quiet moments. Yes.

I have more than enough time to accomplish all my goals, dreams, and desires. Yes.

I am confident in my abilities to create. Yes.

A solution/answer always presents it self when I am open. Yes.

Patience fosters clarity, insight, and creativity. Yes.

I love and enjoy being in the moment. Yes.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Corey Sondrup is the author of Reclaiming Your Power and Mastering Life's Lessons due out Winter of 2011. For the past 15 years Dr. Corey has combined chiropractic, nutrition, and energy healing at his two offices in Ogden and Park City, Utah. Dr. Corey is also the developer of the GAMMA Energy Balancing System which he teaches all over North America. For more info on Dr. Corey, visit him on the web at and on facebook at Corey Sondrup DC and Dr Corey Sondrup/Optimal Health Dynamics