Our brain is nothing short of the most advanced and sophisticated computer in the world. And like computers that have programmes for it to do job's like word processing or spreadsheets and emailing, we have internal programmes running in our brain in a similar way. In our case, once we learn something like driving a car for instance it is stored as a set of programmes in our brain and the next time we need to go through a similar process it fires off.

For instance when you are driving a car now you are not so conscious about the whole processes of driving as you were when you first started learning its just second nature to you now. Even the small things we take for granted like brushing our teeth, getting dressed, speaking, walking and just about every activity we don't have to think about consciously are a set of programmes running in our subconscious mind.

Luckily for us we have these programmes running in the background for us. Imagine the chaos our lives would be in if every time we approached a door we had to stop, think and work out how to open the door. Can you see how everyone's lives would be complete mess if for a small task like opening a door we had to think about the process ever time?

Just imagine the chaos we would experience in the other areas of our life, if we didn't have these programmes running in the background? But, here's the problem just as we have programmes running that benefit us in some way like driving a car for instance, we have programmes running in the background that are not good for us, like those that cause anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, fears and just about every limiting condition that exists can be traced back to a self limiting set of programmes.

What NLP has done is firstly to discover of how programmes are installed into our brains and secondly how using simple methods we are able to replace the bad limiting programmes with more productive and beneficial programmes.

Now what the experts have discovered is that if you are suffering from anxiety or panic attacks or any other issue the solution simply would be, replacing the old set of programmes for a new more beneficial set of programmes.

This is what I have been successfully doing for the last few years with my own clients, from curing simple phobias to some chronic cases of anxiety, all of which I've helped using these same methods, here are some simple steps you can use now for instant relief.

The Golden Rule Only Ever Think About What You Want never about what you don't

Here is why, and knowing this simple procedure can help you overcome you're anxiety for good... Anything you pay attention to grows in your reality, think about it, If someone was to upset you and you reflected on it consistently enough it would make you feel worse, essentially it would amplify it. If something scared you and you thought about it constantly it would become worse.

When you were a child looking forward to your birthday how did it make you feel?

If you were to remember a time when you met someone you really liked, notice that the more you thought about the person the more wonderful the feelings became and grew... So who was and who is creating those feeling? You of course...

Now pay attention closely, If I said to you right now "Do not think about your big left toe"

What happens?

You think about it, but I told you not to, but it was immediately there brought to your attention...In all cases of fear a person normally tends to think about what They don't want, for example Not panicking Not feeling anxity and the more they think about what they don't want the greater the fear becomes until it is automatic. Then they dwell on the anxiety when it comes and it inevitably makes it worse. It is critically important for you now, to follow the advice below: Only ever think about what you want & how you want to feel... Think Calmness, Confidence, Freedom & Happiness...

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A Master trainier in NLP & Hypnosis based in Harley Street, a member of The London Press Club and a freelance writer for a number of international magazines.