Sometimes such times appear wherein like epidemics unwholesome activities/behavior are on the rise and like a gigantic creeper grow uninterrupted. Despite having no roots this creeper grows fast and in a short time span a full grown tree gets covered by it. There are worms that grow on plants without any external help and thus the plant gets destroyed.

Vile thinking and unwholesome activities have become like a fashion trend. The gravitational force of earth pulls everything down towards the ground. Without any effort water too flows downwards. The activities of vileness too are akin to this. It runs in the direction of defeat and downfall whereas to uplift something extraordinary hard work is required.

For example when demon Ravan was born he was alone. Not only did his children imbibe a tainted lifestyle but his lineage and subjects too followed suit. Everywhere unwholesome activities proliferated. Demons Kansa, Jarasandha, Vrittasura etc too followed this trend and everywhere there was lack of ethics and human values. Such tainted times have appeared again and again in the pages of world history. But the plan of the creator is such that it will not allow taints and vileness to cross its limits. As long as children make mistakes up to a certain limit elders forgive them but when they cross these limits they are slapped hard and ears are tweaked. If this were not the case unruliness would exceed all proportions and the world’s management would go awry.

Since the past 2000 years vile activities, criminal acts etc have crossed all limits. Powerful people have harassed the weaker section of society. This era can be called the Dark Age. Powerful people after joining hands have misused their capabilities. Those who were weak never thought of opposing this harassment. Man has an inherent capacity to fight hardships and this is his special quality. Man in reality has been molded in such a way that maybe he cannot defeat unwholesomeness but he can at least oppose it. Instead of allowing lack of ethics to go on merrily or instead of enduring it man can at least oppose it to uplift human glory.

When vile people fail to give up their tainted acts and those who are harassed refuse to oppose it, it hurts the sentiments of Almighty Lord who has created this world. The Lord is very angry when vile people do not give up heinous acts and that those who are oppressed do not take firm action so as to oppose vile people. No doubt tainted activities flourish in the world but it is for those who are harassed who must stand up valiantly and obstruct all this. In the name of compassion, forgiveness etc taints and vileness are allowed to flourish all the more. Opposing vileness is conjoined to human glory.

When both sides err the creator gets angry on seeing that his world management is crippled. And what man cannot do God intervenes and does. This is why Avatars appear time and again. Whenever such dire times manifest God takes control of the situation and endeavors to balance that which is unbalanced. God has vowed that “Yada yada hi dharmasya……” Time and again God has fulfilled his promise.

Our times are called the Age of Progress. In these days information technology and scientific research have evolved in an extraordinary manner. Thus means of material comforts too have augmented a great deal. In ancient times so many material comforts did not exist and yet in general people were happy and contented. But today, despite there being quite a few material comforts, man is discontented and agitated. The reason is not lack of comforts but that these are not being used aptly. The true nature of intelligence lies in the fact that whatever is available must be used wholesomely. Man’s needs are limited and along with this his production capacity is much more. Despite all these means being available it is amazing that world humanity is tensed and agitated. This is the major problem of contemporary times. This problem must be solved else along with wealth man’s hardship and tension too will augment.

Apt use of information technology and scientific research means it must conjoin to ethics and values. In wholesome usage every object becomes a pleasure and will help uplift us both materially and spiritually. But if by imbibing vile thinking it is misused its dire results will have to be faced and despite making intense efforts mankind will remain discontented, face lack and will be demeaned. Today this is exactly what is happening. It is not lack of materials but that its misuse is harassing one and all. Ere the root cause is not overthrown the problem will remain unsolved and discomfort/discontent will be the result.

Man has attained so much extra capacity in comparison to his ordinary needs that apart from his own needs he can fulfill the needs of his family, friends, relatives etc. Yet what happens is exactly the opposite. People are unhappy and pained. The cause is only one and that is that whatever is attained is misused. Everyone has the capacity to do a lot with the help of their time, hard work, intellect and talent. Yet it is amazing that forget helping others, man cannot even fulfill his own needs.

Almighty God is compassionate towards those who possess a pious character and metes out punishment to those who are unruly and unethical. Since the past 2000 years unethical behavior has been witnessed in virtually every field of life. When man attains more power than desirable he behaves in an unwholesome manner. He forgets discipline and self control and acts in such a way which is despicable. Under such circumstances when criticism did not work God meted out punishment and did that which should discipline hooliganism.

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