How do we overcome trauma in ourselves and our lives; through truth, resolution and understanding to create new action.
Did you ever have the experience of someone giving you terrible news? Your child was in a terrible accident,your partner asked you for a divorce or separation, your friend was greatly hurt by something you said or did are all examples. When those things happen a physical shift happens inside of you. You might stop breathing, you might feel something in the pit of your stomach, you might break out in a sweat or suddenly get a chilly sensation running through you. Those symptoms are actual changes happening in your nervous system as a result of the trauma.
When there is no resolution to these situations the effects live within you, and usually within your language and within your body. You never speak with your friend again, your child dies before you can speak with him; these events are everlasting.

Things like the above examples have happened to all of us. And, they have also happened to our parents and our grandparents. Those changes that occurred in our nervous systems also happened in theirs. When we aren't able to find some kind of resolution or understanding, the trauma gets passed onto future generations, and the further from the original trauma, often the more severe the symptoms. They might stutter or carry Asperger's Syndrome,or become angry bullies, or drink for example....where maybe originally there was profound grief or sadness. It is important to find a way to overcome trauma in our bodies, our minds and our hearts. It starts with seeing the truth of a situation, and seeing the trauma through a greater lens. Then to look for a resolution or reconciliation where there wasn't any, and finally to gain a new awareness or understanding of the old injury. A friend of mine likes to say, to have the conversations that never did happen. This gives us a breath and a chance for ourselves and for our children to live the life we choose instead of the life we fell into.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Gail Cloud is a Chiropractic Physician and family systems facilitator in the work of Family Constellations.
She teaches and facilitates workshops and trainings throughout the United States, and is the founder of The Know Factor; know your body, know yourself.