If you have experienced the conditions where your heart begins to race suddenly and you have a feeling of tingle in your fingers and you are anxious and sweaty then you might be experiencing a panic attack. You might experience other symptoms as well like chest pain during such attacks. If you have experienced a number of such attacks then there is a huge chance that you will have another one in near future. Most people are very confused in such situations as they are unable to realize the actual problem. Those who haven’t experienced any such attacks in past can consider it a heart attack due to the chest pain. This feeling increases the level of panic which automatically makes the problem even worse.
It is very important to find the most effective methods of overcoming anxiety for the sufferers. This is so because having a panic attack or its fear can induce another one. Such attacks can be very embarrassing especially in public place. These attacks are a kind of self-fear and if you are a frequent sufferer then you might start off with anticipatory anxiety; where you keep on telling yourself about the occurrence of panic attack in near future. In this way, you will definitely remain worried about the attack which will automatically induce further attacks.
When can you have the Panic Attacks?
Anyone can suffer from these attacks and at anytime. But there are certain situations when there are more chances of such attacks. These attacks are common when you are really worried about something in your life. No doubt worries are an important part of our lives and there is no one in the world without worries but it is important to remain careful in this regard. You can suffer from a panic attack if you are continuously worrying about a certain thing for a long time. You can also suffer from such attack if you suddenly hear about an accident of your close friend or family member etc.
Methods of Overcoming Anxiety
It is very important to learn about the methods to overcome panic attacks and anxiety effectively. Following are some of the methods in this regard:
The Herbal Remedies and Homeopathic Treatments
There are a number of remedies like chamomile, gelsemium, St. John's wort, lycopodium, kava, arnica, valerian etc which are found to be effective in overcoming anxiety. It is highly recommended to consult an expert homeopathic practitioner or herbalist so that you can easily discuss your problem with him or her.
Aromatherapy for Overcoming Anxiety
It is an effective method used in various parts of the world for overcoming anxiety and panic attacks. All you need to do is to inhale the specific oils while they are being applied onto your body. In this way you will have a feeling of calmness and relaxation. You can improve your mental and emotional health with the help of this therapy. But make sure that you do not ingest these oils for the treatment.

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