Finding your true purpose is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. It will bring you freedom, happiness and dissolve your fears of the unknown. Unfortunately, too many of us spend a lifetime never finding the elusive holy grail.

Once you get the real truth about your authentic self , you will have found the nucleus around which inner peace, balance and purpose revolve. It is the sweet spot from which strength, determination, passion and creative talent and health emanate.

I could argue that it has never been more important than ever in these stressful times of major change to find your inner light.

The changes the world is experiencing right now affect all of us. Each one of us is transcending old truths and in the process emerging with new views of our reality. This process is often a challenging one, as we can observe from the increased volatility in the stock and commodity markets which is also reflected in the extremity of mood swings we can observe in so many of us.

I have said many a time before that no one can escape the evolutionary process of our existence, at least not in our present reality. Our evolution is an ongoing process that is with us all the time, yet for the most part we are unaware of it, because our view of reality is still dominated by the assumption that there are fixed outside parameters that dictate our fortunes. We are so preoccupied with our outside world, seeing just the surface of what is happening that we miss the additional dimensions of our existence.

When chaos, which inevitably precedes all big shifts, or changes takes hold of us, instead of fearfully hanging on to the old, as we are accustomed to from old conditioning, we should allow this very fear of the unknown to be our new inspiration. Rather like a catapult that frees us from old encumbrances and sets the stage for a new, exciting world to explore.

With every evolutionary shift the old rules we have made for ourselves and our world are gradually becoming obsolete. Our operating systems are demanding a broader more enlightened vista. The cosmos always demands its birthright; it has to evolve to the next level.

This process, which we experience as unnerving chaos in our internal world as well as externally all around us is a natural phenomenon which is necessary to allow you and I to evolve. Indeed, chaos in our world is a necessary ingredient assisting the entire universe to evolve.

Contrary to commonly held beliefs there never is a disaster out there which we must meet with fear and resistance and fight in order to survive.

Quite on the contrary: When we react to our outside world through the lens of our conditioning, judgment and our very limited perspectives we miss the all important universal laws which govern our realities as human beings. They have always been there and always will be there, yet we have been missing them because of our sheltered views of our existence.

We lose sight of the fact that we are all part of the same universal stuff and part of the whole that makes up our being at any stage of our development.

Whenever we react out of fear and are in judgement from our limited, old conditioning and are immersed in this particular state of being we are separating ourselves from the universe. Indeed, we are separating ourselves from our very nature, which is in essence to be one with the cosmos.

Put in other words: We are going against the natural forces of life. In fact, we are fighting against ourselves, literally attacking our own being with fear, anger, resentment, resistance and self denial.

I could also say that we are destroying the very thing we want to save, our authentic selves. This is a human pattern, and it happens over and over again for most of us, simply because we have a totally misguided view of our ultimate reality and how the cosmic forces of which we are an integral part, do work.

Once you understand how the universe works and that you are an inextricable and integral part of this universe you will not only realize that many of your actions are insane, but you will also realize that your ignorance is causing you unnecessary hardship which could easily be avoided.

You may even begin to see and understand that the increasing chaos in our world is a natural consequence of our collective misunderstanding and misinterpretation of universal laws. This is simply, because instead of letting go of the old misconceptions many of us are doing everything possible to hold on to our safe, old world views; thus unwittingly conspiring with the forces that are stopping our evolutionary progress.

So, how can you possibly find your true purpose among all that mental confusion?

We have been conditioned to believe that we should identify with the templates society puts on us. The way we view ourselves has not changed for hundreds of years. The only thing that has changed is superficial parameters.

We still look to the outside world in order to find peace within the inside. This old concept is undergoing a huge shift. This shift, as I mentioned earlier is affecting every one of you, whether you are aware of it or not, it still is happening. Each and everyone of us experiences it in different ways in line with our individual level of cognitive development.

Gradually the realization is dawning on more and more people that our hitherto flawed concept of who we really are and how we should live in this world is actually holding us back, causing wars, illness and many other unnecessary problems.

We are but a tiny part of the larger whole

Does it not make sense that we began to accept this all pervasive truth and started looking at our lives with that truth in mind and started learning and accepting what the old wisdom traditions have been teaching for millennia? Scientists too have been proving the old teachings for the last 100 years or so. Isn’t it time you and I took notice and waved good bye to the old, absolute concepts of our so called reality which are still being peddled by the establishment and are causing us unnecessary hardship in our emotional and physical well being.

Please consider embracing the “new” concepts, which after all, are hardly new. There is nothing “new” in this life, just new experiences. The so called new concepts are simply old wisdom of harmony, balance and peaceful living viewed through the lens of the 21st century.

The Buddha’s experience of enlightenment 2000 years ago will have been a very different one from the person experiencing enlightenment in the 21st century.

You owe it to yourself to avail yourself of the many modern energy techniques available now to improve your mental and physical wellness and thus invite personal success independent from outside circumstances into your life.

As those of you who have read my articles will know my chosen and favorite pursuit is trading stocks and commodities. Just imagine how much more you could see of the markets if you could allow yourself to see and step beyond the common creed and give yourself an advantage that may propel your life to new unprecedented heights and new experiences expanding your cognitive awareness. Naturally, I am not only talking about money here…

"To a mind that is still the whole universe surrenders." (Chang Tsu)

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Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is a spiritual success coach and author. She has written several books on trading psychology and personal growth.

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