I am challenging myself this year to go beyond my comfort zone to see what I can do. Will you join me?

What have you wanted to accomplish for years, but haven't yet? What goal have you tried to accomplish over and over again, but haven’t been successful at completing it? Why are you failing to move forward towards your goals?

It could be your system, your mindset, your environment, your partner, family, job or your daily schedule, or your nasty internal dialog working against you!

Here’s a starting list of some things you can start doing to be a bit more successful. You may also need to call/email me for an assessment of your mindset and process. I facilitate them over the phone, on the web or in-person in Los Angeles at my private offices in Culver City.

First Start by:
1.) Writing a list of all the goals you have wanted to accomplish, do a mind dump on a piece of paper RIGHT NOW!

2.) Now number these goals from 1 to 10, 1-(most important to accomplish now) to 10- (least important to accomplish now) according to their importance to you. DO this NOW!

3.) Now pick your #1 challenge you have that you want to complete in the next 60 days, to work with right now

4.) Write your #1 Challenge out in all its detail and specifics:
For example-
"I will lose 9 pounds in 60 days by working out at least 6 days a week for 2 months starting January 4, 2010" and completing the challenge on March 7, 2010"

5) Now Write out your challenge in a positive completion goal form:
For example-
"It is March 7th, 2010 and I have released 9 pounds. I know this because I just stepped on the scale and I look down and I can see the scale says I weigh 130 pounds. I am so happy that I feel fit, healthy and full of pride and energy. I jump with joy!

6.) Now Create a schedule of daily tasks that would allow you to accomplish your goal. Schedule these within your daily planner schedule (like you do a Dentist or doctor’s appt), or you won’t do them each day.

7.) Now just BEGIN to do it! DO these tasks each day with the addition of the information below, keep reading…

8.) Be mindful of Accountability:
- Tell as many people as you can, announce it on your FB, twitter, my space, or any page
- Find and secure an accountability partner
- Get friends to join you with their own 60 day challenge

9.) Set up a reward for yourself at the completion of your challenge (example; I will buy myself a new bathing suit & get a spray tan and get a massage and spa time)

10.) Celebrate and acknowledge your successful completion at the end of your 60 day challenge!

What is Your 60 day Challenge going to be? If you need more support with your self talk, sabotaging behavior patterns, laziness, depression, unsupportive environment, spouse or family, seek out a coach like me. Someone that can help you work through and achieve new possibilities.

Remember: In order to be the person you have never been, In order to have the Life and Relationships you have never had, You must do what you have never done before.

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