Happy, Healthy Thriving Children is Vitally Important for a Healthy, Thriving Future!!!!
Are our children are becoming deprived from learning about everyday living skills, social skills and experiences?
In this article I would like to share with you the lack of exposure our children are having to a major fundamental foundation for Life. That being Nature and what seems to be apparent is the lack of exposure to Nature.
“It is being referred to as Nature Deficit Disorder”
Taking a look at three main ways in which we learn-
1. Auditory where we hear – not just from people but from nature
2. Visual what we see – this may be from watching someone else do something, books we read, watching things on TV, Movies, Videos etc and
3. Kinesthetic by feel, touch, tactile. This can also be from what we experience from our emotional feelings – From Nature we learn feelings of peace, comfort and uniformity
For each person to thrive in their Life. It is important that they are exposed to all three areas
It has been well documented that –
Animals don’t thrive in an enclosed environment they merely exist.
Children don’t thrive just being in classrooms – They merely learn academic basics Many children switch off
Over exposure to TV, Social media and the internet decreases their mental ability to think for themselves, depletes their imagination
Getting back to Nature is an important place to start.
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