Man Versus Nature- The Battle Man Will Lose.
Unlike every other life form with whom we share this planet man has become detached from nature.

Why should this be? It seems that from our earliest days of evolution we have raped, pillaged and taken from mother earth whatever we wanted with no conscious consideration of the consequences. We are in fact the only animal that takes what it wants, rather than what it needs. Why should this be and what is the price to be paid?

There is no doubt that mankind stands alone from the rest of the animal kingdom in our intellectual capacity, our ability to plan, scheme, develop and construct complex forms of both machine and technology, but due to that crucial missing link, that link that we seem to have lost a long way back in our history our developments and advances have given no consideration to anything other our desire to progress, make more and have more.

The consequence of our unbalanced development as a species is now clear to see for anyone open enough to see the truth. Wildlife is in danger, even of becoming extinct as we bulldoze our way into the future. Even nature itself is now struggling to accommodate the lifestyle we have chosen to live. In fact the very way we have chosen to live, it becomes ever clearer by the day is incompatible with the very planet we live upon.

There is something very strange, very "not right" about this, no? What went wrong, how could this have happened? Did we lose our senses? Well actually yes, that is exactly what happened, let me explain by giving some examples.
The fact that we alone, mankind have been blessed with the power of intellect, of a mind and thinking capacity came at a price, a huge price that we choose to ignore, conscience the action of good, not selfish good, but for the good of all, the benefit of all and that includes mother earth and all who live upon it. No conscience within humankind is something that we allowed to wither and become corporately extinct long ago, long, long ago and the price we have paid? That is clear to see, for all that have the eyes to see.

Can we see that which we have lost, that which we have disconnected ourselves from? Yes every day and all around us, but again, only if we have the eyes to see and the heart to mourn. There is a river of life/love/energy that flows through creation, which is in fact sustaining creation moment by moment and upon mother earth we the human race are the only life form that can no longer feel it, have become detached from it and even worse, have no time for to even consider it`s existence.

We are surrounded on a daily basis of this river, of this astonishing power of belonging and magical glory, but we choose to dismiss it as irrelevant, not something we even have time to consider in our busy lives. There are so many examples of this magic that surrounds us every day if only we can see it, migratory birds that will travel thousands of miles each year. Dogs and cats left behind by owners in a house move that find there way to there owners new home, again sometimes thousands of miles away. Miraculous acts of whales, dolphins and other members of the animal kingdom, yet do we see it, are we even interested? Often no, we would prefer to dismiss it as some genetic function and get on with the real business of getting on in the world.

It is actually a huge pity and is the very reason that we are unconsciously destroying the very planet we live upon to the desire to get on in the world, make our mark and make our million and do you know the irony of this? We will in our desire to get on in the world, actually render the world uninhabitable.

Can we find again that connection to the river of life, or even better plug into it and begin to lead lives from that higher level of understanding? Yes. We have designated any glimpses of this truth to the weird, we call it sixth sense, or intuition, but many have experienced knowing something that they had no logical right to know. Intuition, sixth sense is but a glimpse of what we can be if we can turn back from our worship of the material at all cost and really look at ourselves.

Look into the mirror and ask of ourselves, why, why is it me I see in this body, why am I here, is their a reason for me being here, right here, right now? Yes, yes and yes again, but only if we really, really want to know, really want to understand and to do that we need to reshape our priorities and look at what we really want. Yes we need shelter, we need food, but this we can accomplish. Do you not envy the birds and other wildlife that build each year a new house/nest in a matter of days and without bank funding! Surely we can simplify our lives?

We have travelled a very long way down the wrong road, we allowed ourselves to be mislead and so we must share the blame, it will not be so easy to exchange the “I know” into the “I do not know” and why is this necessary? Because a vessel that is full cannot absorb anything new, or different, but it can be done. If we channel the same energy that we have put into "making it" into rediscovering our true potential then most definitely we can find anew our own individual, magnificent connection to that river and flow of life.

Terrence Aubrey

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Terrence Aubrey, visitor, Planet Earth