The love you had for me
Every day, I could see
You left me a blueprint to live
I use it daily to survive
Oh how, I wish we could chat
I have so much to share
Oh how, I miss your care
There’s no one who compare
This year you’re gone 4 years
I cannot hold back the tears
Songs of Zion remind me of you
Your love for God and cooking too
It would not pay
To lose my way
On my knees
Steadfast I stay
You’d be PROUD of me
Being all I can be
Many say I look like you
This is definitely true
I dream of seeing you again
Which is why, I refuse to sin

Author's Bio: 

• Dr. Sonara, a native of Hattiesburg, Mississippi is a Recording Artist, author, credentialed teacher, Consultant, Toastmasters Silver and the owner of SCB Consulting, a training and development company which focuses on personal wellness.

• She has a BS, MS and a PhD degree in Psychology in 2014 and conducted interviews on the Katrina survivors in Mississippi and Louisiana for her doctoral research.

• She served as advisor for the local AFSCFME Union President for the past 2 years.

• Dr. Sonara created a National Healing Music Project and sent to the Obama Administration as a contribution to President’s well-being initiative.

• She is passionate to empower individuals with Holistic Strategies for wellness and obtained a Mental Health First Aid USA certification from the National Council for Mental Well-being.

• Dr. Sonara’s published articles can be seen on the Self-growth platform.

• Dr. Sonara is working on a book titled, “the Healing Power of Music”.

• She speaks at conventions, conferences, government trainings, small groups and is fulfilled by empowering individuals to use Holistic Strategies for wellness. (You can book Dr. Sonara for your event at (310) 987-1370 or

• She lives by the philosophy, “the more we invest in the lives of others, the less we will be required to pay later”.