Many people ask me what low-vibration entities are. Quite simply, they are beings that exist at a lower vibration than we do. There are many planes of energy, each vibrating at different levels. These planes of existence have different beings that inhabit them.The lower realms have always been associated with amoral beings who are unethical and entirely selfish. These beings don't exist on our plane in a way that allow people to view them without having clairvoyant perceptions. The only way they can exist in this plane is to attach to humans like parasites. They feed off of our lower emotions like pain, grief, anger, rage, lust, jealousy, etc. Therefore, they influence us to create our lives in problematic ways that generate these emotions. As a clairvoyant energetic practitioner, I commonly see these beings attached to people's chakras. Our chakras are informational/ energetic centers and when these beings are attached here, they have greater access to us and are better enabled to influence us. When these beings are attached to certain chakras there is often a common pattern of issues and behaviors that a person will experience:

•In the Crown Chakra entities will confuse you, mess up your thinking, maybe to the point you seem schizophrenic or delusional. It is also common for people to think they are talking to guides or to God and the messages just wreak havoc in their lives. It usually takes really powerful entities to attach to the Crown Chakra, but when they do it is to keep you removed from the Highest Source.
•In the Brow Chakra entities impair your psychic ability, encourage obsessive thinking, worry, and even frightening images that come unbidden. You might see things in a negative light, have a poor memory, or have headaches/migraines. Entities are here to keep you from being able to receive the Truth to help yourself and others.
•In the Throat Chakra entities will make you feel shy, insecure, and make it hard to communicate with other people, especially new people. It will be very hard for you to confront people and you will likely avoid facing problems, conflicts, and anything 'unpleasant'. People with entities in their Throat Chakra are being kept from sharing their Truth with other people to help them.
•In the Heart Chakra I don't remember ever finding an entity here. It could be they cannot attach here.
•In the Solar Plexus entities in the Solar Plexus will make you feel weak, vulnerable, paranoid, anxious, depressed as in Bi-Polar or Manic, overwhelmed, intimidated, and powerless. Flip-flopping from one extreme to the other is also really common.
•In the Sacral Chakra entities are somewhat rare, but when they are there people are very negative and have very heavy energy. People who complain that the world is horrible and they've never been given a break, people who whine about how unfair things are to them, people holding grudges, hatreds, jealousies, and other heavy emotions often have entities here. These people will often feel entitled and show very little gratitude and appreciation towards others, which blocks blessings to themselves. They may also experience sudden sexual urges that get themselves in trouble, or even impotency.
•In the Root Chakra entities aren't very common but when they are there people have panic attacks and terror and feel their life is threatened for no reason. They may be afraid to drive, swim, or have other strange phobias. These people are often hypochondriacs and live in fear.

Once a low-vibration entity has attached to us, they are able to begin influencing us. They can shape our thoughts, influence our emotions, and sometimes alter our behavior and perceptions. We often experience that "little voice" in the back of our minds that rattles off the day's chores, the groceries we need, what we are going to say in our interview, etc. This is also one of the primary ways we become influenced by entities. We are programmed to listen to that voice and accept it as our own. So when an entity attaches and starts whispering, in our own mental voice, we listen and accept it as our own. We have all experienced this at one time or another. When we are out having a great day, buying clothes, talking to random people we meet, and feeling especially good since we lost that last 10 lbs, and then, by the time we get home, we are berating ourselves for wasting all that money, thinking people were just humoring us, and hating our reflection for looking so fat, we have experienced low-vibration entity influence! Low-vibration entities are one of the largest reasons some people never see their lives getting better. Some people never see their efforts pay off, and experience nothing but problems. No matter what they do, they are stuck in their misery.

Luckily there are methods of identifying and removing low-vibration entities from your chakras, and remove their influence from your life. The first thing you must keep in mind is that these beings do not deserve your fear. They are nothing more than parasites living off of us. They are subject to our wills and we do have the power to be rid of them. It is necessary to identify these entities and determine what role they are playing in your issues. Learning to identify them and their influence and being able to separate from it is important. By far, the most important thing you can do is identify your resistance and work through it! These beings influence us by making us feel resistant to things and people that can improve our lives. Posting on forums, confronting others, sharing our truth, working with healers, resolving issues with others, etc, are all things that entities commonly make us feel resistant to. When we allow this resistance to rule our lives, we are choosing to live our lives in fear. Moving past this is the first step to weakening our entities.

Working with a qualified clairvoyant energetic practitioner is a quicker method to removing these entities from your life. They can identify these beings and how they are influencing you, and work with you to remove them from your life instantaneously. Work with a practitioner who understands and honors Free Will. If the practitioner just removes these beings, they will be able to reattach, and you might even draw more in. This is because, on some level, we have allowed these beings to attach to us. For example, take a child who is abused by his father because he talks too much, or is too loud. On a spiritual level an entity approaches and promises to help. The boy's spirit allows it to attach. Now the child doesn't talk, is excessively shy, wont confront anyone, and grows up with severe communication and self-expression issues. Or in another case, a child is abused and feels weak and helpless. The entity she allows to attach promises to make her feel stronger. Now she flies into rages, becomes violent, and may even harm others. She no longer feels helpless, but the dubious 'help' this thing has provided has caused more problems than it's solved. Because we have allowed these beings to attach to us on some level, it is essential that your practitioner involve you in breaking this agreement. Otherwise they are not working in Free Will. Cutting off entities or erasing them from existence bears severe karmic repercussions if Free Will isn't observed. Working with Free Will simply means that you are involved in breaking your old agreement and making a new one that these beings cannot attach to you. It doesn't mean that the entity can choose to remain. In fact, if your practitioner is skilled in erasing them out of existence, they will be forced to leave and not return once you have broken the agreement you made in Spirit!

If you are suffering with entity attachments, you are not alone! Many people have experienced this and you can join in discussions about it now!

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