The traditional economic model gives the power to the market.

Supply and demand.

The producers/manufacturers supply the stuff.

Then the marketing system informs us, the consumers, in order to create demand for the products for sale.

Essentially, we are offered things we may or may not need or want until they’re offered to us.

So what if we flip the equation around?

Demand and Supply

What if we take control of the market by putting the demand before the supply?

What if we got really educated about what we truly want and need?

What if we informed the producers and manufactures about what we want to come to the market?

This new approach would shift our consumer culture to one of conscious consumerism.

I see it as a new way forward that would greatly impact both our spiritual and environmental evolution.

Can you see the possibilities?

Love Goes to Market

I’m excited to see so many products and services already on the market that support health, wellness, beauty and self-sufficiency.

The booming self-growth and online learning industry are signs that this idea’s time has come.

Also, the huge success of a site like Etsy, where people are contributing their skills and crafts to enhance the economy and enjoyment of life.

So let’s extend this concept on a broader scale, yes?

Imagine that the majority of the goods and services being made served to nurture and nourish people.

Basic human needs being met across the globe becomes the primary focus of production.

And doing so in harmony with nature is a top priority.

Distribution is improved dramatically so that food and other vital resources are accessible as needed.

Then additional items are also available that enhance and enrich our experiences of living.

We exchange value in a spirit or cooperative success.

This is cooperative capitalism. This is the future.

It’s time to think long-term.

How will we be living 100 years from now?

Once we have a clear vision of sustainability, we can reverse engineer the process and start forward today.

Sound too good to be true?

If we can dream it, we can do it.

We’re just getting started...

What dreams do you have for the market where everything is bought and sold with Love?

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