It seems everyone is doing yoga these days and yoga teachers are in abundance. It’s almost become as easy to teach as it is to learn yoga! Yoga is a discipline, and like any discipline there comes dedication and hard work with it. However in the modern day and age our demands are much more and compared to the frugal demands of the ancient yogis whereby a thin cloth would suffice, in the West we have introduced yoga products and this includes the yoga mat.

Yoga means to join or unite, and this is reflected in the way the breath and body are connected in the asanas, which are what the postures are called. Yoga harmonises the mind and the body and promotes a balanced approach to everyday living. Practising yoga brings clarity, peace and wellbeing to the mind and body but there needs to be some devotion to get the best out of this wonderful practise that originates from Hinduism.

So do you really need all the yoga products available out there? The answer perhaps you may need to invest in a couple of yoga accessories especially if you join a yoga class. Its not a pre requisite but it may help. With so many online yoga shops to choose from the hunt for yoga stuff gets confusing. Steer clear from fancy yoga gear. After the entire practise teaches non greed and simplicity and so take only what you need. Imbibe some of the yogic teachings into your practise too.

To start with find yourself a yoga mat that is not too heavy and not too flimsy, The best way to test this is by doing a sun salutation on your mat and if the mat doesn’t drag half way across the studio, then this is a good sign. You won’t be the centre of attention in class. Downward dog position is the ultimate tester.

A quality mat for yoga with good grip will stick on the floor giving you a sturdy base. You want yoga mats that gives you some soft cushioning but is not overly heavy and lumbering. And of course it’s got to be light enough to slip into your Yoga Mat bag and even sling back on your shoulder to work. So find your fit, and make an investment as after all you want something to last you and taking up yoga is not just fad, it’s a life long commitment. A good brand is Manduka mats, they do good durable yoga products.

So then moving into the next yoga essential, of course it’s not entirely essential but it does help to have yoga clothes that keep you nicely covered and provide the comfort factor especially in a yoga studio. You don’t want your Tee floating down to your ears when you do the shoulder stand, again it’s that’s wrong kind of attention. Essential yoga wear, would mean finding a couple of nice yoga tops and some yoga pants. Depending on the yoga that you do, there will be a specific items available for it. If you are the hot yoga or Bikram yoga fan then go for something fitted and light, like a crop bra. It will preserve your modesty, but won’t wear you down with heavy sweaty clothing. Yoga wear beyond everything should be light and comfy and this is where bamboo leads the yoga clothes brigade. So really find something in bamboo or even organic cotton, a couple of yoga tops and yoga bottoms should suffice. There is no need to match the towel with the crop bra either, keep it cool and easy on the eye.

So it’s not that hard really, it’s just finding something comfy and an easy workout wardrobe. A couple of yoga tops, vests and tanks with a couple of yoga cropped pants should get you started off.

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Life is a gift of God and we need to nourish and enjoy it and Yoga exercises is the way to enrich this lovely gift. Yoga products like Manduka yoga mats and yoga clothes of various kind help in today's world to full fill your healthy lifestyle dreams.