Joseph had a dream, and when he told his brothers about it, they hated him even more. He said to them, “Listen to this dream I had: There we were, binding sheaves of grain in the middle of the field. Suddenly my sheaf rose up and stood upright and your sheaves surrounded my sheaf and bowed down to it!” Then his brothers asked him, “Do you really think you will rule over us or have dominion over us?” They hated him even more because of his dream and because of what he said. Genesis 37:5 – 8

God places inside each of us a Dream that will soon come to pass. Your dreams are born inside of you; you already have what it takes to establish your dreams; and God will instill a hunger inside you to require you to accomplish your Dream. Dreams always require Nurturing, Energy, Faith and Focus.
In order to accomplish your dreams that have been placed in your heart, here are several steps you must follow to make your dreams come true.

1. Recognize that your dream comes from God. James 1:17 says, “Every good and perfect gift comes from God”.

2. Make sure your Dream is in alignment with God and not contrary to God’s Law. Your mind must be at peace for your greatest ideas to flow. Greatnesses grow best in the soil of peace.

3. Believe in your Dream. Believe in yourself and believe that God has given you a dream, to fulfill his purpose and to glorify him. Therefore, he will give you the plan and the provisions to accomplish your dream.

4. Have Faith and Focus on your dream. Have the faith to believe that God is not a man that he should lie. What ever he told you will happen, and it shall come to pass. He is true to his promises. Focus on people that can help you accomplish your dream. People who are for you and not against you. Contrary to popular belief, everyone will not believe in your dream; or want you to succeed.

5. Announce your Dream To Others. Something remarkable happens, when we boldly announce our dreams out loud. It lights the fire inside of us; it illuminates that desire in us and gives us confidents to move obstacles out of our way. When you announce your dream, your enemies will be exposed. Those who oppose you will be forced to expose themselves. Then you will know who is for you, or against you.

6. Your Dream may intimidate those who are closest to you. Your dream is yours alone. Others do no see what you see, or feel what you feel. So you can’t expect them understand the joy that is in your heart. Even those who are closest to you may feel intimidated by your dream. When Joseph told his brothers about his dream, they became angry with him and set out to kill him in order to destroy his dream. Many times people will misread you or misunderstand you, because they feel uncomfortable about your dream.

7. Keep your Fire burning. Take the time to refuel your dreams, ignite the fire insider of you. Talk about it with others who believe in you. Associate with people who are for you and who can assist you in accomplishing your dream. And most of create a plan that will help you accomplish your dream. If you remember these few steps you can accomplish your dream and make it happen. Keep Your Dream Alive!!

Author's Bio: 

Melvina Harrison is a Motivational speaker, and has been teaching and motivating others for over 20 years. As an Instructor for the Army Training Support Center and Key note Speaker for several churches thru the "youth ministry and women's ministry programs, She has traveled all over the world Teaching and motivating others.

She toured Europe for three years and toured the United States Teaching and speaking to Women's groups, Teens and Churches. As an Instructional Systems Specialist for the Army Training Support Center and instructor for over 20 years, she has developed and implemented several courses for the Army and other Professional Organizations.

During her years as an instructor and trainer Mrs. Harrison has trained over 10,000 soldiers, officers, civilians, instructors, training developers, supervisors and mangers. She has planned and coordinated several conferences, seminars and workshops, to include Positive thinking techniques, How to Motivate Employees, Communication Skills, Self Empowerment Techniques, Principles of Successful Networking, Prevention of Teen pregnancy, and Prevention of Violence, and Drug Abuse for Teens.

EDUCATION: Master's Degree M.A., 1988, Adult Education, Hampton University,
Bachelors Degree 1974, Education, Texas Southern University,

Melvina's additional experience includes:

• Motivational Speaker for the Gospel Announcers Guild Anniversary
• Speaker for the "Prevention of Teen Pregnancy" Mt Zion Baptist Church
• Appeared several times as host on WAVY 10, Television Broadcast, "Spread A Little Sunshine".
• Keynote Speaker for "Gospel Announcer's Guild Anniversary", Richmond, Va.