"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it." -Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)

This year I decided to get serious about my goals. Not that I wasn't serious about them in the past, but like some people I'd do what I could and hope for the best. This year I wanted it to be different; and just at the right moment towards the end of 2009 I stumbled upon a blog post about the benefits of having a personal board of directors.

A personal board of directors is a small group of trusted friends or colleagues with whom you share your goals for the purpose of creating accountability and considering other perspectives. I thought it was a great idea and I knew it could really help me to achieve more in 2010, so I emailed four close friends asking for their participation.

Each one of them enthusiastically agreed to be a part of my board and this past week we had our first monthly conference call. In it I outlined my high level goals for the year and some of the steps I think I should take to reach them. It was a really great call with input from everyone and my expectations around feeling heard, affirmed, and encouraged were definitely met. I believe, that for me, to be successful I need to be accountable and encouraged and so I'm hoping this structure will work for me.

I share this with you because this month's new moon is in Capricorn- the sign of achievement, ambition, and perseverance. This month offers all of us an opportunity to take that first step towards achieving our goals. Let's take a look at the astrology of the new moon so that you can determine how to take advantage of this new monthly cycle.

The Astrology of the New Moon

The new moon occurs on January 15, 2010 at 25 degrees of Capricorn. As you may know the new moon is the time during which the sun and moon are together in the sky at the same degree of the zodiac. This is a symbol for "beginnings." It doesn't compel us to do anything, just as the spring weather doesn't compel the farmer to plant. It's simply a time when acting in concert with the universe supports your intentions, just as planting in the spring will yield better results than planting in the summertime. Even though the farmer may choose to wait until July he doesn't because he wants to take advantage of the conditions. He also understands that time is actually an asset; whereas in our culture of instant gratification the thought of waiting or persevering may dissuade us from an otherwise successful venture.

But this new moon is special because it's also a solar eclipse. Not only are the sun and moon at the same degree but they're (close) to being on the same plane with the Earth- and when all three bodies are lined up it produces an eclipse. This new moon is near the north node and signifies a time when can welcome in the new, begin fresh, and press towards the future. It's as though the universe is saying, "It can be different this time," if we're willing to step out and not look back.

In astrology the sign of Capricorn represents a stage of development that is concerned with social security- no, not the kind your grandma gets. Cancer and Capricorn are concerned with issues around security, but from different ends of the spectrum. Whereas Cancer is a water sign and deals with emotional, or inner security, Capricorn is an earth sign and its function is to create security externally in the world. That security is experienced through rules, traditions, and laws that in turn provide a standard, or guage, against which we can judge our success.

We can also think about the mountain goat- the constellation for Capricorn. The mountain goat is capable of reaching the top of the mountain, but only after slow and careful climbing. Thus, the sign of Capricorn also represents the need to achieve, master, and persevere. A key phrase for Capricorn is "I use," and is usually interpreted as the "management" of resources (like time, money, stuff, etc.) but more directly it's about using ones resources without prejudice- that is, using them because they were produced to be used for our progress and survival and not to be hoarded.

During the time of year when the sun is in Capricorn the northern hemisphere is having its winter. Our ancestors survived on the food and fuel they stored away after the harvest. They judiciously used it up to enable survival until spring when the cycle began again. It's like a glass test tube with a cigarette sealed inside that says, "In case of emergency break glass." It's time to break the glass. Begin (Capricorn=cardinal energy) to use (Capricorn) support systems (Saturn) in order to move forward (new moon eclipse).

Speaking of Saturn...Saturn is now transiting the sign of Libra, and Saturn loves to be in Libra- the energy of creating structures that promote stability (Saturn) meshes nicely with Libra's desire for fairness and balance. So Saturn is strong right now- discipline is paying ten to one. Do it.

On January 14, 2010 Saturn stations retrograde. When Saturn is retrograde it's time to restructure- attitudes, habits, systems, schedules, or relationships. You said you were going to meditate more. Now build that into the structure of your day. You want to lose weight. Now build it into your daily schedule and routine. Take the step and by May 31, 2010 when Saturn turns direct these things will be an integrated part of yourself. Saturn materializes and fortifies.

The new moon in Capricorn is therefore a time when we can set our intentions around those things we want to achieve- and achievement means pulling out all the stops. Where you have Capricorn in your chart is the area of life where you will want to gain mastery, be in charge, and have better control over it.

For example, Capricorn rules my second house of earned income. At this new moon I set my intentions on gaining control of my finances, persevering at creating more income, and achieving a healthier fiscal position. This doesn't mean that just because I wish for those things they will automagically happen. The new moon is simply an invitation. But because the new moon is in Capricorn and in my second house I know what the theme of the party is, should I accept. The cosmic conditions are right for me to take action around my finances, but it's up to me to act.

My personal board of directors is good example of how one might use this energy. Calling upon my friends (one of my resources) for the management and use of my other resources (time, money, etc.) in order to achieve my goals and objectives.

If you know your chart look for the house that's ruled by Capricorn. This is the area of life where the new moon will invite you to begin anew. If you don't know your chart you can order a PDF copy here.

There are currently five planets in Capricorn: the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus and Pluto- so this month's empahsis is clearly on setting goals and working towards achieving them. For help on setting goals check out this article http://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/TristanLoo5.html

Venus at 25 degrees of Capricorn is also conjunct, or next to, the new moon. This is significant because it means we need to ensure our goals are line with our values. Venus is also the planet of relating, and her place along side this lunation reminds us that our relationships will have a significant role in our ability to achieve our goals. For example, the relationship I have with my friends who are also on my personal board of directors.

Are there relationships- either personal or professional- that you can leverage to help you get to that next level? If so, reach out to them. Venus also aspects Uranus (at 23 degrees of Pisces) and this symbolizes an opportunity we have to socialize and network in ways that are unexpected or surprising. Uranus also rules the internet, so take advantage of your Facebook friends or LinkedIn connections this month. Uranus likes buzz.

Mercury has been retrograde for a few weeks and reveals ways in which we can become more mindful. Proof-read your emails, carefully read contracts, notice where you put your keys, and back up your computer. Mercury will station direct on January 16, the day after the new moon. Now is the time to reformulate, renegotiate, and review your plans. Then the power of the new moon will be more significant as you move forward towards achieving success.

When Mercury makes its square to Saturn at this new moon the emphasis is on mind over matter. Don't become distratcted and do follow protocal. Don't say you're on the list when you're not on the list. Don't try to sweet-talk yourself past Go. Don't look for shortcuts, but instead persevere. The victory will be that much sweeter.

So what do you need to be successful?

That begs the question of what success means to you. If there's something you've wanted to accomplish then now is the time to begin. And now is the time to use your resources, whether they be time, money, internet access, forty-five dollars, your Facebook friends, your website, or your reputation.

Capricorn's association with the tenth house comes from its desire for recognition. The tenth house is how we're seen by others- our public image. When the goat gets to the top of the mountain few can help but notice. The goat is also focused on a single goal- the mountain top! It's much easier to make one change and integrate that into your routine than making two. Don't be a hero, be successful. Start small. Then stick. to. it.

I wish you a happy and prosperous 2010. And if you'd like to schedule time to discuss your chart and how you can take advantage of this new cycle please contact me.


Author's Bio: 

Ron Archer is an astrologer living in Miami, FL. He uses astrology to help clients understand themselves better, make healthier choices, and cope with challenge and change. Ron blogs regularly on his website www.miamiastrology.com.