When two quantum particles (electrons, photons, atoms) are joined together, in a special way called “entanglement”, and are then separated, they retain the interconnectivity that has been created , even if separated by distance and time. So are you entangled?

The connectivity is such that the quantum state of one particle cannot be adequately defined without the mention of the other. If one of the quantum particles is changed in some way, the other particle is changed in the exact same way, instantaneously. Even if there is no link to each other physically, even if there is no signal between them, the change is exact and instantaneous.

The connectivity is dependent upon the “entanglement” that occurs before the particles are separated. So, how does “entanglement” occur?

One method of entanglement can take place through a process called spontaneous parametric down-conversion. Another method is by shining high-energy beams on beta barium borate crystals. This can cause a photon to break down into two low-energy photons that may spin in opposite directions. If the spin of one photon is known, the spin of the other photon can be known, no matter how far apart they are.





For the initial interaction, the atoms have to be in close proximity, but the entanglement may persist even if they are physically moved apart.


Entangled pulses of light may soon be able to be seen by the human eye.


Examples of Human Entanglement
It is not generally accepted that Quantum Entanglement can be proven to apply to people, but, there are those who believe that it is entirely possible that human relationships might be affected by this concept. Can Quantum Entanglement be extended to people? Consider the following theorems:

•The entire cosmos is made up of a vibrating mass of energy.
•There only one energy that flows through everything, but takes on different frequencies at the physical level
•Having only one energy flow that flows through everything makes human beings interconnected
•Energy can exist as particles and waveform at the same time.
•Observing energy in waveform causes the wave to collapse and form particles.
•Thoughts are of waveform and when projected, may join with other thoughts of the same harmonic frequency.
•Quantum Entanglement may soon be able to be seen by the naked eye.
•Connectivity could be the same as entanglement?
•Jung’s idea of synchronicity

Would the following states allow the persons involved in the relationship, on some level, to interweave in such a manner as to not be easily separated? Using the definition of the word “entanglement” to mean that a tangled, confused, intricate combining of two or more humans’ molecular make-up has taken place over a period of time, would entanglement take place in the following combinations? For the purposes of our hypothesis, let us consider these relationships:

•Being sexual partners
•Being identical twins
•Organ donors/recipients
•Being the recipient of a blood transfusion
•Being a stem cell recipient from an external source
•Cloned animals

Obviously, sexual partners exchange fluids in saliva, semen, vaginal discharge, and, sometimes blood, all of which contain DNA. These fluids are made up of quantum particles, so the possibility of entanglement seems probable. Coupled with the fact that married couple, over time, exchange thoughts, energy, and experiences in such a way that, if accepting that thoughts are waveforms and could result, if collapsed, in the formation of particles, this connection could be equivalent to “entanglement”.

Identical twins are an example of one of the strongest, most intertwined relationships that exists. It is often reported that one identical twin can sense that the other is in trouble, even if the other twin is many miles away. There is no sound scientific study that proves that twins exhibit Quantum Entanglement, but there are many documented incidents of events that have taken place between twins that would suggest that twins are telepathically connected. One such anecdote describes a situation where one twin was taking guitar lessons, and the other twin was playing soccer. After a few weeks, the soccer twin was able to play the guitar efficiently, without any lessons. Again, this could result in the twin connectivity resulting in “entanglement“, since identical twins share most of their DNA make-up. Which could mean that their Quantum Entanglement begins in utero.


Dr. Paul Pearsall, a licensed clinical neurophysiologist and on the faculty of the University of Hawaii, and a member of the heart transplant study team at the University of Arizona, believed that heart tissue retained memory and entangled with the tissues of the new host and the mind of the new host. When Clair Sylvia received a heart/lung transplant, she, inexplicably, craved different foods than she normally liked, she was drawn to a different color palette in her wardrobe, and she became more aggressive. All these new traits were signature characteristics of the donor.


“It’s also true that Nobel Prize winning physicist Brian Josephson has suggested that entanglement could explain telepathy , by saying that if telepathy exists, then here’s a physical mechanism that could explain it.”


“… the way things are in the world of the very small is totally different to large scale objects like desks and pens. We can’t rely on experience and common sense to guide us on how things are going to work at this level. And that can make some of the effects of quantum physics seem mystical. In the end, this is something similar to science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke’s observation that “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”


Dr. Azita Alizadeh states that, “ It is also possible to artificially end up with different DNA in some of our cells. Some ways are temporary (like blood transfusions). But others like bone marrow transplants are permanent.” Could this mean that the DNA of the donor has become “entangled” with the recipient’s DNA?


“When an animal is cloned, scientists take cells from the “donor” animal. Then, they take an unfertilized egg from another dog and remove its nucleus This egg is now denucleated — it is missing its nucleus. Scientists then put the single cell from the donor (or just its nucleus) into the denucleated egg. This process is called nuclear transfer.

The egg (now called the “cloned embryo”) is then put into a surrogate mother. There the egg grows and divides just like an egg that has been fertilized by a sperm. This produces a baby animal with the exact same DNA as the adult donor.

So what does it mean to share the same DNA? Like clones, identical twins also share the same DNA. So the clone can be thought of as an identical twin to the donor. Except in this case, the clone is also younger than the donor.”

If the same DNA in the donor and the clone, the same DNA is in both identical twins, isn’t it possible that “entanglement” could occur?

“DNA also has the amazing ability to recognize similarities in other DNA strands from a distance. Somehow they are able to identify one another, and the tiny bits of genetic material tend to congregate with similar DNA, in a mysterious process like synchronicity or quantum entanglement. DNA has been found to have a bizarre ability to put itself together, even at a distance, when according to known science it shouldn’t be able to.”


Examples of Alternate Human Connectedness

Are these the only ways to become entangled? Should the scope of the manner in which human beings connect with those around them be broadened, and if so, would the Quantum Entanglement property still be operative? Let us examine alternate ways in which human beings interact.

•Through the religious and philosophical notion of inter-connectedness between humans and the cosmos, and humans with each other, universally.
•Through the fact that some studies seem to validate that prayer does contribute to the recovery of those who are ill, even if the prayer comes from people who are not known by the recipient of the prayer
•By being a psychic/PSI activity
•Through ESP
•Through DNA strands

“A five-year study monitoring brain activity during therapy sessions has shown that two people can become physiologically aligned –– parts of their nervous systems beating in harmony –– despite having no physical contact with each another. Trisha Stratford, the neuro-psychotherapist who did the research at University of Technology, Sydney, said her study provided a deeper understanding of what happened when people interacted, including when a couple fell in love.” (“Mind blowing power of love,” Tim Barlass, The Sydney Morning Herald, Sept 26, 2010)


“In one study termed “The Love Study,” Dean Radin, at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, demonstrated that a husband watching his wife and sending her loving thoughts (without her knowledge) could change her blood pressure and perspiration rate. During the times her husband was not looking at her, the laboratory graph showed a flat line; when he began staring at her and sending her loving intentions, the graph line spiked and displayed changes in her blood volume. Similar results were reported by three dozen double blind randomized studies conducted at other institutions.”


“Placental DNA was placed in vials and individual researchers were instructed, after having been trained in how to do so, to emanate diverse emotions, such as, anger, love, thankfulness, and fear. Researchers found that the DNA in the vials changed its shape according to the feeling that was being communicated over its vial. Positive thoughts created long, relaxed shapes; negative transmitted emotions caused the DNA to become shortened, tightened, even to switch off their genetic codes.”

The Power of Prayer: Quantum Entanglement and Human DNA http://www.suite101.com/content/the-power-of-prayer-a132359#ixzz1Gtd74Zc3

“Second sight and remote viewing are terms used to explain charlatans’ supposed psychic ability to see hidden objects in terms of pseudoscientific gibberish. Quantum holography, on the other hand, is a method firmly grounded in modern physics that permits the imaging of hidden objects with entangled photons. Of the quantum entanglement phenomena that Einstein described as “spooky action at a distance,” quantum holography may be the spookiest to date.”


“The power of intention and prayer is also demonstrated in an experiment conducted at McGill University under the direction to Professor Bernard Grad. According to Lynne McTaggart, this experiment shows that plants watered by a healer who had a passion for plants fared considerably better than those watered by a depressed psychotic. When researchers examined the water used by these two subjects, they found that the water conditioned by positive intention from the healer was substantially different in its molecular structure than water used without positive intent by the depressed psychotic.”

The Implications of Quantum Entanglement

If Quantum Entanglement were to be proven to have an effect on the lives of people, the results could be far-reaching and, potentially, constructive. Some of those positive results could include:

•Allowing one person to warn, or communicate, imminent danger to another
•Sharing good thoughts, good feelings, good information with another
•Developing the ability to heal one another
•Locating missing persons
•Experiencing the “one-ness” of the universe.
•Experiencing the collective consciousness
•Better understanding of one another
•More connectedness among those who cohabitate this planet
•Communal strength of character, spirit, and mind
•Quantum computers
•Time travel
•Quantum cryptography
Reversely, Quantum Entanglement could have negative ramifications:

•Mind control
•Manipulating history
•Causing physical harm to another
•Short circuiting someone else’s thoughts or actions
•Influencing the decisions of others

So is your quantum entangled? Personally, I’d like to see a lot more scientific evidence before I’d answer that question with a Yes!

Thanks to Gebby Smith for doing the background research

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