The Law of Attraction is part of my daily life now, and applying the techniques has become second-nature to me. Not only am I experiencing great results, I have discovered deeper elements to experiencing success. None is more telling, more potent or more closely tied to success than the incredible power of decision.

Decisions: Left Brain or Right Brain?
Decision is normally thought of as a left-brain thought process, a logical activity devoid of emotion that functions from analyzing data and making a choice. However, I’ve discovered that decisions have a hidden emotional element, that when ignored leads to disastrous results. Furthermore, when one choice feels better, it is divine guidance, if you will, to move in a certain direction. Ignoring that emotional guidance is usually what creates most human drama. We want to do one thing because it feels better, but we convince ourselves we can’t have what we want (pick your reason, it doesn’t matter) and decide not to follow the course that feels best. Instead, we slug forward with a decision that feels awful and brings even worse results. That push-pull sets up the drama and the heartache. Without doubt, that is the fastest recipe for failure and a miserable life. Many people decide, before even trying, that they cannot afford (financially, emotionally, physically, or spiritually) to take a certain action and in that decision they squash any possibility for success before they’ve even started. They spend the rest of their life wondering “what if” and playing the push-pull scenario over and over in their heads.

Emotions and Decisions
Decisions, like other thoughts, are made of energy frequencies that include emotional energy. The level of emotion for each decision is based on how connected we are to the expected outcome. For instance, the decision to use your life savings to start a business has a relatively high emotion-to-outcome factor, compared to deciding what to have for breakfast or where to park your car.

Quantum physics has shown us that everything around us is made up of this conscious Source Energy. Thought is made of this same conscious Source Energy, and therefore it moves through all matter and across all space and time. This is how and why your thoughts attract experiences of similar vibration through the Law of Attraction.

In the decision-making process, when we take a moment to connect to our inner guidance, Source Energy, we can clearly choose which ideas feel best. While women are raised to acknowledge and use their intuition regularly, men still use theirs but interpret it more as just a gut feeling. As we take notice of the better feeling thoughts, and move toward them, we become even more attuned to better feeling thoughts. Honing this gift of guidance, turning it to for every decision, it develops into intuition and for some people, a psychic gift. Those that are deemed visionaries invariably follow their gut feeing, even when everyone else around them are telling them to do something else. Guidance from Source Energy is unique to each individual, so what feels good to one person—the one meant to take the related action—usually does not feel good to those who are not called to take action. This is why it makes no sense to ask others what they think/feel about guidance you've received.

Life…A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
Norman Vincent Peale always said that life is a self-fulfilling prophecy, meaning that life gives you what you believe it will give you. This means you are always right. If you believe you will succeed in life, you are right. If you believe you’ll fail in life, you are right. If you believe people are trying to hurt you, they will. If you believe people are conspiring to help you, they will. The Law of Attraction set us up to experience what we believe, what we expect, by delivering experiences of equal vibration to our dominant thoughts. If you think you need to be college-educated to succeed, but can’t afford to be college-educated, then by default of the first decision you have already decided that you cannot succeed. Until you decide that the first thought no longer serves you, and create a new thought to operate from, you will remain stuck in a can’t-succeed cycle.

The good news…you can always change your thoughts! It’s never too late to decide to incorporate thoughts that serve you. Whether you choose to use affirmations alone or use a combination of affirmations with other techniques,

When you truly decide what you want, you get clear in your intention, and when combined with positive emotion that clarity brings swift results. With clarity aligned with joy and enthusiasm, Source Energy is now activated to assist you in receiving what you’ve asked for. You are then positioned to take action that feels more like play than work. You’ll stay with the process longer and more enthusiastically because the journey feels so good. So, not only is the decision clear, but the action that follows is also full of positive energy. What an unbeatable combination!

Make a Decision Today
Ask yourself…am I living the life I want to live? Am I wallowing in "I don't know...", or "Should I do this or that..."? Am I deciding to experience joy and enthusiasm on a regular basis? If not, make a decision today that the next time you are faced with any decision you will choose the option that feels best to you. Trust that Source Energy is providing the good feeling as a way to guide you to the best action for you, and decide that you will live the life you really want to live!

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Nancy Barry-Jansson is the founder of, an affirmations expert/intuitive Well-Being coach, and a self-employed illustrator/designer living in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Ms. Barry-Jansson has been using affirmations for since the mid-1980s and created AffirmingSpirit (cards, accessories, and information) to share her knowledge and inspiration with others. To learn more, visit