Testicles are very important to men, and many men pay enough attention to them. But testicles are sometimes delicate, and infections with bacteria and germs can lead to inflammation. Men with bad habits or wearing too tight pants are more likely to have orchitis. Once the inflammation occurs, it will cause many troubles and even lead to infertility.

Men at ordinary times should do a good job in the prevention of orchitis. If you have any of the following symptoms, be alert to signs of orchitis.

1. Hyperthermia

When the testicles are infected with bacteria or germs, they generally do not show some more obvious symptoms. However, at this time, the body may suffer from dysfunction in the thermoregulatory center due to the inflammation, resulting in sudden hyperthermia. Sometimes this symptom lasts for a long period of time. There are many causes of hyperthermia, and it doesn't have to be the inflammation. So it's better to go to the hospital in time to find out the specific reason.

2. Fear coldness

When the weather is relatively cold, some people will be afraid of the coldness. Fear of coldness persists for a long time, so be on your guard. It may be due to inflammation of the testicles, or other abnormalities in the body. If the diagnosis is orchitis that caused the fear of cold, it is necessary to take timely measures for treatment and conditioning.

3. Red and swollen scrotal skin

Normally, the skin in the scrotum of a man does not get redness. But after getting orchitis, the scrotum of the patient is likely to become red, sometimes accompanied by scrotum effusion. So it is needed to pay attention to this problem.

4. Testicular pain

Many men experience testicular pain, but most of them have it only temporarily, and this condition is generally not a big deal. If testicular pain persists for a long period of time and radiates to the base of the thigh and groin, you should be on the alert because it could be a sign of inflammation in the testicular area.

5. Lymph node enlargement

If the testicles become inflamed, the body's lymphocytes will work, and then the superficial lymph nodes will become swollen. Therefore, if you find lymph node enlargement, you need to go to the hospital in a timely manner.

When these symptoms occur, it is important to pay attention that testicles may have become inflamed. Orchitis is a disease that generally does not need to be too worried about, and active treatment can be helpful, such as the herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, which can be used to dispel inflammation and relieve pain, while producing no side effects. To better improve the disease, keeping good living habits and giving up bad ones are also needed at ordinary time.

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