How To Stop Worrying About Things You Can't Change: Stop Worrying About Things You Can't Control

Anxiety and panic attacks have become very common in today's world. It seems that more people than ever are dealing with panic attacks these days. Panic attacks, along with generalized anxiety have become commonplace. Of course, the fact panic attacks are common doesn't make them feel any less terrible.

It seems like with each passing year more and more people are having frequent panic attacks. Naturally, every one of us would like to learn how to stop anxiety from ruining our lives. It is also most desirable for anyone suffering through panic disorder to find out how to defeat panic forever as well.

What can you do to stop constant anxiety and fear? Is it possible to stop panic attacks without medication?

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You Can't Run Away

For those who are experiencing a great deal of anxiety or perhaps even a panic attack, here is a tip for you. For panic attacks to fully develop, we have to be running from them or worried about what they can possibly do to us.

After we realize it is our apprehension that is making these panic attacks so horrible; they start to diminish in strength. Panic builds in strength like a rolling snowball as we try to run from it, but when we stop trying to avoid panic, it melts.

How Much Nervousness is a Disorder?

Of course, when we talk about this type of anxiety and panic, we aren't referring to ordinary nervousness, which is often called nervous anxiety. The difference between common nervousness and anxiety disorder is largely a matter of the degree of nervousness or anxiety experienced.

It is true; we use the term nervous anxiety many times to describe simple nervousness. The dictionary defines anxiety as an uneasiness of mind or distressful state of mind that is experienced by someone who is fearful or has had a recent misfortune of some kind. This definition, of course, describes a relatively normal type, or non-anxiety disorder type, of nervousness.

From Ordinary Nervousness Mighty Panic Grows

However anxiety disorder which is a more intense type of nervousness is most often preceded by ordinary nervous anxiety. This intense nervousness involves physical feelings which bring the anxiety sufferer to the point he/she can temporarily lose some, or even all of his/her capacity to perform normally. Very intense spells of nervousness are what we know as panic attacks. It is important to know panic attacks can be successfully overcome once the anxiety sufferer realizes they are adrenaline driven feelings and not real physical problems.

Very basically, the way to becoming free of anxiety disorder and panic attacks, requires the realization fear causes adrenaline to flow through veins and when we become fearful of anything, even anxiety itself, we cause more adrenaline to flow. Refuse to fear the symptoms anxiety and panic cause you to experience and you will be on your way to defeating them.

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You can treat anxiety attacks (panic attacks) by a therapeutic technique called 'visualization.' By visualizing yourself 'positively' in those situations that you are frightened to be in, you can persuade your body to react more positively and calmly in those situations, such as anxiety attacks.

How does it work? In non-scientific language, your body can't tell the difference between reality and the thoughts in your head. So, you want to make your body 'believe' that what you are 'visualizing' is real. When you are imagining happy, calm thoughts your body will react accordingly. The following explains how to treat anxiety attacks using two visualization techniques...

The Environment

You need to be alone, in a quiet environment with no distractions: your bedroom would be ideal. Switch off the lights. Ensure your cell / mobile phone is off and you can't be disturbed. Lie flat or sit back comfortably. Close your eyes, start to breath slowly and regularly, relax...relax...relax, clear your mind of everything but your goal.

Visualization Technique to Treat Anxiety Attacks

Think of the place or situation that you are anxious or fearful about. For the purposes of this explanation I will use the supermarket as an example. You have to use your own situation.

Picture yourself confidently approaching the supermarket (you use your own situation here) and repeat in your head only positive thoughts. Don't think about anxiety attacks. For example, "I'm going into the store to buy my groceries, nothing else, I will just purchase my items and check then out. There's nothing to be frightened of, nothing can possibly harm me".

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During this, visualize yourself entering the supermarket, getting a cart / trolley, walking freely and relaxed about the aisles, placing items in your cart and paying for them at the checkout. Then returning to your car, returning the cart, then driving off.

Repeat this exercise several times over a few days. Then try it for real. If it doesn't work the first time, don't give up, repeat the exercise. It does take some practice. Obviously, you have to visualize your own particular situation.

A Variation on the Technique to Treat Anxiety Attacks

I have successfully used a variation on this technique. Instead of visualizing the process above, think of a very happy, calm, contented moment in your life, e.g. on the beach with your family. Visualize just how fantastic a time it was. Put a smile on your face. Then, press your thumb and middle finger together for the duration of your happy thoughts.

Repeat this several times each session, over several days. Then when you approach your problem ( e.g. the supermarket or an actual anxiety attack) press your thumb and middle finger together. That physical act brings your happy mood into your thoughts, your body perceives this as reality and responds accordingly.

However, visualization can only help in 'managing' the symptoms of anxiety attacks and is only one of several non-drug therapies to treat anxiety attacks. One of the keys is to get rid of the 'fear' of having another attack, because this fear can actually trigger one. If you can finally get rid of this fear you stand a much better chance of eliminating anxiety attacks completely and getting rid of your general anxiety.

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If you're looking for effective panic attack self help, then one of the first things you need to do is find a way to stop fearing fear itself. For many people with severe anxiety, the fear of a panic attack is just as bad as the attack itself.

This is generally known an "Anticipatory Panic."

Do you often catch yourself fearing that a panic attack will strike? If you do, and if it's happening many times a day, then overcoming your "Anticipatory Panic" will be hugely beneficial in overcoming your panic and anxiety in general. Lots of people with this fear that an attack might happen cause the majority of their own attacks by constantly focusing on the fact that the attack might come at any moment.

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What you focus on in life you generally get.

Focus on the fear that an attack is coming? You usually get an attack.

But there's a simple change in thinking that you can start using to completely overcome this problem. It's based on this idea:

"We can only fear things that aren't happening."

Think about it. We can only fear things that aren't happening, because if they were happening, we wouldn't fear them anymore (instead, we would fear what the result of them would be). When you understand this little quirk you can remind yourself anytime you fear an attack that because you fear it, it's not happening.

It's a very simple idea, and one you probably won't realise the power of until you start using it. Trust me, this is great panic attack self help. Just remember to remind yourself, anytime you fear an attack, that if you're fearing isn't happening!

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Here, I define anxiety and its symptoms. But never self-diagnose. The symptoms of anxiety are also the symptoms of other conditions, so play safe and visit your doctor. But how do we define anxiety? There are two sets of symptoms: symptoms of anxiety and those of anxiety attacks. The signs of general anxiety are signs that you would be aware of on a daily basis almost. Whilst the symptoms of anxiety attacks (panic attacks) manifest themselves during an attack. Often, folks are only diagnosed with anxiety after suffering an attack.

So how do you define anxiety? General anxiety is a disorder in which the victim is constantly worried or fearful about situations or things that normally wouldn't bother them or others. When this continual anxious state starts to interfere with their social, family and work life, and prevents them functioning in a normal fashion, they may be said to have a General Anxiety Disorder (GAD).

General anxiety symptoms are things such as; continual tiredness / exhaustion, inability to relax, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, fear of public places, fear of socializing, frequent feelings of irrational anxiety / fear, compulsive behaviour, worrying about making mistakes, regular nightmares, disturbed sleep patterns, excessive crying, headaches, stomach problems, diarrhea, nausea, aching muscles, and so on.

Symptoms of anxiety attacks are things like; sweating, shaking and tremors, palpitations, shortness of breath, hyperventilating, racing heart beat, tingling in hands and feet, feeling of impending doom, feeling you are having a heart attack. There are more, but these are the usual ones.

These symptoms, more or less, define anxiety but they can also be signs of other problems, so your first port of call has to be your doctor or other health care professional. They will be able to define what your problem is exactly, and propose the appropriate treatment. Since the theme of this article is defining anxiety, we'll assume that your doctor has diagnosed you with anxiety...

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Your doctor's first line treatment is usually through drug-based medication; for example antidepressants, anti-anxiety tablets and beta-blockers. These can be very effective, but they all have their side effects, some worse than others. This can tend to put folks off continuing with them. However, no matter how bad you feel, never, ever discontinue treatment unless advised by your doctor to do so.

There are other non-drug therapies which are becoming very popular such as; self-hypnosis, meditation, yoga, cognitive behavioural therapy, counselling, acupuncture, etc. These are therapies to help you 'manage' or 'cope' with your anxiety and / or anxiety attacks.

But what about the underlying cause(s) of anxiety? The two treatment types above focus on either reducing the symptoms of anxiety, or, helping you cope with your disorder. They don't seem to do anything about the underlying condition(s) that are causing your anxiety.

And the very 'fear' of another anxiety attack can bring one on. As long as this irrational fear exists it's very difficult to stop attacks and resolve your general anxiety. If you can eliminate this fear, you can prevent further attacks and get rid of your general anxiety much more effectively.

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