Panic or Anxiety attacks are the result of a whole number of factors, which can range from stress at home or at work to a phobia to bereavement. They are essentially caused by the body's reaction to fear or emotional distress.

It's thought that as many as 1 in 10 people will suffer a panic attack in their lifetime, so it's pretty common.

Facing a panic attack at any time, particularly the very first time can be a very scary experience.

Attacks can happen anywhere and any time. They are no respecters of time or place. Because the attacks can be so unpredictable, there's a tendency to withdraw from public or social experiences for fear of humiliation.

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The symptoms of a panic attack can range from shortness of breath, sweating, nausea, scattered thoughts, hot and cold flushes and feeling dizzy.

It can be very confusing and frightening to experience a panic attack for the first time. An anxiety attack is a very different animal from simply feeling anxious or nervous. They have much more serious and extreme symptoms.

They also tend to operate in a vicious cycle: you may get an anxiety attack during a particular event; you might then begin to associate this with your panic attack. The danger here is you can begin to steer clear of doing these activities. In some cases, the result is that you can become increasingly withdrawn and isolated from your family, your friends or your work colleagues, which can lead on to depression, agoraphobia and a variety of more serious conditions.

Can I prevent Panic Attacks?

Many believe that panic attacks are something they simply need to put up with. But this debilitating condition doesn't have to be blindly accepted. There are now excellent self-help treatments available that can cure this condition completely. I have both followed and been cured by just such treatment programs.

Here are some of my tips on what you can do if you feel a panic attack threatening:
With the increased heartbeats, occasional tingling and sweating it can be easy to mistake panic attacks with having a heart attack. Although it can be an unsettling feeling, it's important to understand that you are in no danger. The heart is just getting a good workout! Simply by understanding and learning to accept this can have a soothing effect;
Try not to resist the symptoms. If you face it head on and just let it happen, your symptoms will immediately lessen. Notice how, by standing up to it much as you would to a school bully, how your fear of it begins to lessen, along with your symptoms. Declare war on it!;
Rather than wondering what might happen if you have a panic attack, simply start saying to yourself 'so what?';
Try to observe what's happening to you from an objective standpoint. Imagine that you are a doctor and start to talk through and analyze your own symptoms. Doing this will have a calming effect: having this internal dialogue can sometimes even make you forget about your own anxiety!;
Throughout an attack, give your anxiety a score from 0 to 10. This makes you look at your anxiety in a totally different way. You should find that your levels of anxiety lower noticeably;
Count backwards from twenty to one as you start to slow down your breathing. You should begin to feel calmer as you count down. Repeat as often as necessary;
Do an activity you enjoy to take your mind off your anxiety. This may involve going for a cycle ride, going for a walk or simply putting your mind to a favorite pastime. Distraction is the enemy of anxiety and a great method you can employ;
You can feel proud of every little victory you manage to achieve. And when you gain these victories, however small, it's important not to forget to reward yourself. These pats on the back will help to cement and reinforce those good habits in your brain.

So don't give up, there's plenty of good tried and tested treatments available to help you to help yourself, and my website will show you all of the best treatments open to you.

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Here's to you and your fulfilling future!

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